How I Overcame Fear of Horses

We had purchased a small farm out in the country in Memphis, Indiana. We wanted to have horses so that our daughters could learn to ride. I had an overall fear of horses due to an incident which occurred when I was a teenager.  I had been trail riding with a few friends when the horse that I was riding spooked and took off on me. It seemed as if the horse ran at full speed for miles while I held on in sheer terror. Finally I had to hurl myself off the horse so that I wouldn’t get myself killed. Ever since that occurrence I had a tremendous fear of horses.


I had been a believer long enough to know that fear is never of God. I would not allow my natural fear of horses to stop me from encouraging my daughters to pursue their dreams. We purchased our first horse when my daughter Nicky was 7. After a few years we ended up with 5 horses. Each day was a challenge. I had to help feed, groom and sa13648440262an3yddle the horses. Our property was located on a hill. The pasture was in the lower level of our acreage. For the horses to get to the barn they had to run up the hill.  Each time this occurred I was always terrified. I always imagined the horse stampeding me. Each day I had to nervously deal with the fear of me or one of my daughters being injured by the horses.

One warm fall afternoon I was alone at my home. I began thinking about how much the fear of horses encompassed me on a daily basis. I began to be deeply troubled by this stronghold which had now been set up in my mind. God had brought me so far in so many areas of my life. He had set me free from so many different fears. Why had I let this one fear overwhelm me and rob me of the joy of horses? Why had I ever let it go this far? Right there and then I determined to do something that I should have done a long time ago.

Grabbing a jacket I marched out to the barn. Placing my hand over my heart I prayed the Balm of Gilead (see post) over my heart, mind and emotions. I asked the Lord to heal me of tormenting horse memories and all emotions associated with it.

Then loudly and firmly I said:

“Satan, you are the father of all fears. These feelings that I have been having are not of God – they are demonic. They have robbed me of my peace and joy. God has NOT given me a spirit of fear but POWER, LOVE and a SOUND mind! FEAR LEAVE ME NOW IN JESUS NAME! Your powers were broken at the cross 2000 years ago. They no longer have any power over me! Leave my mind and my body now in Jesus name!”

I continued to take authority, rebuking the spirit of fear. I did this for about 15 minutes. Finally, a deep abiding peace came over me. 30 minutes later the horses came running up the hill, straight at me, charging towards the barn as always. Instead of running I stood firm.  I laughed and said:

“Wow,  you guys are beautiful! Let’s go get dinner.”

As they gathered around me I began to pat and rub their manes.

“What beautifully, powerful animals” I thought with great joy. There was no longer fear, just peace.

That was over 13 years ago. Today I can ride, groom or feed horses with absolutely no fear.

This afternoon my daughter Alex gave me a lesson on her barrel horse -Ameera (arabic for Royalty). I rode without a saddle, reins or a harness.

I was free from all my fears.

I encourage you to read The Armor of God to teach you to warfare against fear and to give you the authority to daily stand against it.

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