Armor of God – Bookmark Form

This post can be printed into a quarter column size and printed into a bookmark. Laminate it and keep it handy so you will be able to put it on daily.


Speak out loud and firmly. Ephesians 6: 10 -17

Today I take on the Helmet of Salvation. I know that I am saved by Christ & His work on the cross. I belong to God. I come against depression, fear, worry, anxiety, condemnation, hopelessness, sickness, disease, insecurity & rejection. I come against negative thinking. I come against ____________. I command my emotion, attitude and countenance to be stable all day long. They will be the same this morning as tonight. 

I take on the mind of Christ. I cover my mind, my thoughts, my body, my family, my house, cars & appliances under the blood of the Lamb. Satan, every plan you have set out against me & my family has been broken at the cross in Jesus name. I take on wisdom, knowledge, vision, purpose, confidence, courage, strength, power & direction. I command my emotions to be the same all day today – they will be steady and stable.

I put on my breastplate of Righteousness. I am righteous not in myself but because of what Jesus did on the cross for me. My heart & emotions are protected from condemnation, rejection and insults. When satan accuses me I will remind myself that I am protected by God’s Righteousness.

I take on the Belt of Truth. I securely buckle the truth of God upon myself that I can stand in the midst of adversity, doubt and confusion. I choose to always speak the truth in love and grace.

I take on the Shoes of the Preparation of the Gospel of Peace. I am now prepared to go out into a lost & dying world and share the love and message of Christ with others.

I take on the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. I cut between darkness & light and choose to walk in the light. Today as I meditate on God’s Word I will use that power to live an overcoming life. Today I will speak God’s Word over my life & situations.

I take on the Shield of Faith. Today I believe God’s Word & God’s promises. I believe that God has good things in store for me. I now choose to resist doubt or fear for I know that God is faithful.

3 thoughts on “Armor of God – Bookmark Form

    • Anna, so glad you are finding your power in Christ – but remember, this is not a prayer – it is a very powerful statement of Faith – your rightful authority in Christ! Blessings beloved.

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