Prayer AGAINST Tormenting Dreams


Dear Lord, tonight I cover my mind, thoughts, home and property under the blood of Jesus Christ. I ask that as I sleep you would be a wall of fire around me and my mind. Heavenly Father send your WARRING angels to stand guard for me and my family. Lord, forgive me of anything that I have looked at or listened to that was offensive to you. Help me to not look at those things again. Wash my mind clean under your precious blood.

Satan I now take authority over any demonic or terrifying dreams that you would try to put upon me. Your powers were broken at the cross two thousand years ago at the cross. I now take ownership over my dreams and my sleep. This is my mind and you have no right to come and torment me with demonic dreams. I claim the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Father, now give me peaceful, healing sleep. You never sleep nor slumber and I thank you for that. Thank you for standing guard over me. Thank you Holy Spirit for ministering to me as I sleep. May my dreams be pure and sweet.    In Jesus name I pray.    amen

Friend, demonic dreams, night terrors and disturbing dreams are never of God. Always be sure that you haven’t opened the door to these by watching or listening to anything perverted, graphic, violent or disturbing – otherwise Satan has a legal right to come in. Print out this prayer and say it out loud with authority just before you go to bed.  Always spend a few minutes reading God’s Word before  you go to bed. I also recommend that you read the posts Ownership of Your Home, Life and Relationships and You Can’t Live on a High Place and a Low Place.  

Blessings of a restful sleep.

8 thoughts on “Prayer AGAINST Tormenting Dreams

  1. I appreciate this prayer a lot.
    I am going to have me teenage son read this every night.
    He has been having night terrors with migraines. It bothers me.
    He had these when he was younger and I thought he outgrew them, but now, they are happening more frequently.
    It can’t be from God. And he had a concussion when he was younger.
    And he has many dreams from God.
    But the night terrors make me lose my sleep because I have to attend to him.

    • Georgia, I encourage you and your son to begin daily putting on The Armor of God. Read all my posts on this and follow the teachings on a daily basis. I encourage you to do some spiritual house cleaning: Get rid of all movies that are scary,(Harry Potter), perverted, dark, cultish, etc. basically anything that isn’t absolutely pure – keep everything rated at a G level. Demons use movies, books and magazines to enter peoples homes. I encourage you to take ownership of your home – read my teaching on this . I also encourage you to purchase Derek Princes book Curses or Blessings You Decide. I will have our prayer team lift up your situation.

      Peace be unto you.

      • Pleading blood of Jesus over he and all those who struggle in this life.
        We are destined for a life of peace and freedom because of the blood of Christ.
        My heart breaks for those who struggle.
        The head of the enemy is crushed.
        We are free for evil who is thus rebuked.

        Praying now. Live in peace. Live in love.


  2. hi soo helpful i had a violent dream this afternoon i dreamt getin shot in my belly and i realise it may be becoz i opened the door ive bn watching vidoes on yutube about demon and devil summoning i dnt knw how i got involved sooo much..thanx

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