I Didn’t Kill the Bulldog

My daughter was watching all the animals at the farm where her horse is boarded. The family was out of town for 6 days and Alex’s responsibility was to feed the horses, watch the cats and take care of the 3 dogs on the property – one of which was a female bulldog called Georgi. We decided that each day Alex would take care of all the animals except for Georgi – that was my responsibility. Since Georgi is quite overweight she didn’t like to walk. The first day I had to pull, cajole, sweet talk and bribe this big, lethargic dog to go more than a few feet. We did this twice a day. By the third day I noticed that she was beginning to run to me.


On the fourth day we walked around the pond. Georgi was now playing with the other dogs, running to me when I called her and playing inside the house. I was thrilled as I was really beginning to be fond of her. Her smooshed face, drooling mouth and overbite teeth gave me a tender compassion for this sweet dog. I began to look forward to walks with her. I would feel overjoyed each time I could get her to walk a few more feet or play in the grass.

Our last day of watching the house Georgi was energetic – as much as a 90 pound bulldog can get. She wanted to venture out even further. We walked into some tall weeds and she began chewing on them. I was quite pleased as I know that dogs need nutrients from grass and weeds as much as they do from dog food. We spent about 45 minutes in the tall grass. Finally Georgi wandered down to a ravine that leads to the pond. She stuck her two feet in the water and just stood there. It appeared she’d never ventured into water before – I was thrilled! She then put all four feet into the muddy water and began to slowly play in it. She was in heaven!

Next thing I know she began to roll in the muddy mess. Over and over she rolled. The white on her was now dark grey. Her eyes, ears and mouth were covered in a layer of mud. How fun! Georgi is having a blast! We did this for about 5 minutes – then my daughter walked over to me:

“You didn’t let her in the water did you?”

“Uhhhh…. yeah, but just in this little area over here – not in the pond.”

“Mom, bulldogs can’t get water up their noses or they can drown!!!”


Because Georgi is so heavy we couldn’t lift her to put her in the tub so we just walked her into the shower. As the water came down on her face Alex kept reminding me –

“Don’t let water get on her face! These dogs are expensive. At our grooming store we didn’t even get bulldogs because they are so expensive! They can be $5000.00 and up!”


As I heard all this I could only rebuke the spirit of fear and say “I am kept in perfect peace because my mind is stayed on thee.” “My God shall supply all my needs….”

I kept checking Georgi to see if she was still breathing – yup, she was still alive. Thank you Jesus. This dog will not die, this dog will not die, this dog…….

That night I settled down to go to sleep. Once again I lifted up Georgi before the Lord –

“Lord, you are bigger than a bulldog, take care of Georgi, don’t let her die.”

I fell into a deep sleep. About 2 a.m. I was awoken with the thought of me coming in the morning to check on her and finding her dead. What would a dead bulldog look like? They are so heavy I guess that their legs would stick straight up in the air, eyes glazed…… No! What if she aspirated after we gave her the shower? No! She will not die… I am kept in perfect peace……. This went on for over an hour. Finally I drifted off to sleep. Fear would not conquer me.

As soon as we had breakfast we jumped in the pickup truck and headed to the farm. I couldn’t get to Georgi fast enough. I was so excited I couldn’t get the door to unlock – I kept locking and unlocking it!  Alex had to open the door. I ran in as fast as I could. Down the steps into the basement… did I hear any breathing? Turning the corner to face her crate I saw her – standing waiting for me! Grunting even!

“I didn’t kill the bulldog!”I screamed.

God is bigger than a bulldog rolling in muddy water. God is bigger than whatever you may be going through. God is bigger than whatever you have to face. Just stand on God’ promises and refuse fear. Refuse anxiety. Refuse stress. God knows your situation and knows exactly how to remedy it – even a muddy bulldog on a summer day.

I encourage you to read The Armor of God https://jackieosinski.wordpress.com/category/armor-of-god/page/3/ to teach you to warfare against fear and to give you the authority to daily stand against it.


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