Peter is my daughters 4-year-old, 90 pound red-haired Golden Retriever. He is 90 pounds of pure love. There is nothing in him that is unkind, jealous, hateful or mean. But it wasn’t always that way. When Alexandria picked him up at the dog pound 2 years ago he was a different dog.  He had been abused and starved. When she brought him home he often bit her, growled at people and was untrustworthy. At the vets office his file was marked “dangerous and aggressive.” There were times that it was tiring and discouraging  for my daughter to deal with him.


That first year we prayed continually for Peter. When he bit Alex on the head she wasn’t sure how she was going to continue to keep him – but she did. She loved him, bathed him, corrected him, encouraged him and trained him. Because he’d been kept in a confined area he had never been in water. The first time we put him in water he was terrified. Alex was determined that Peter would learn to swim. She would pick up this huge dog and carry him on her back in the water, week after week, month after month.  He learned to swim.

Peter distrusted men. Surely a man had beat him. When a guy friend would come over Alex would have to reassure Peter that is was okay. Peter learned to trust men. Peter learned that not all men are abusers. Today Peter loves men just as well as women.

This once gaunt, gangly, aggressive, red-haired dog was only a product of his treatment. He was hurt by a man – so he in turn hurt others. He was abused and starved – so he became angry, aggressive, suspicious and untrustworthy.  He was denied kindness and affection so he became distrusting and hurtful. Then love stepped in. Big love. Unconditional love. Love that kept giving even when he repeatedly bit, barked or growled. She patiently and consistently showed him love. Alexandria would not give up on Peter no matter how bad he acted. Her love was steady.

Today Peter is a Healing Dog. He comes to our Support Group and just loves people. He naturally knows how to burp in someones face and make them smile – or lick someones hand and make them feel better. Unconditional love made him who he is today.

Are you angry, hurt, bitter, frustrated, confused, lonely or feeling unloved? Your Daddy God loves you exactly as you are. There is nothing that could ever change His love towards you. You are His little boy, his little girl. His love for you is pure, never-ending, never-failing, always steadfast. Psalm 139: 17 tells us:

“How precious are all your thoughts about me O God – there is no way that they can be measured! I cannot even count them – they would outnumber all the grains of sand on the seashores! Even when I awake you are still with me.”

Beloved whatever you are going through today – Daddy knows, He understands, He sees. Let not your heart be troubled. If today you find that you are hurting, bitter, angry, frustrated, disillusioned or confused – take some time to let your Heavenly Father immerse you in His love. You are not your own. You are your beloveds and He is yours. Let His unconditional love once again remind you that your are precious and beloved – no matter what this world throws at you.

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