file0001822025463When you are under a demonic attack it can be exhausting. Your thoughts are often tormented. You will feel confused, rejected, dejected, hopeless, suicidal, hateful, intensely angry, bitter, jealous, etc. . You may feel like you are going crazy. You may feel like killing someone. You may turn to porn, addictions, food, adultery, sexuality, violence or any other numerous demonic activity. The list is endless. The first step is to RECOGNIZE that any thought that is NOT a pure, good, kind, honorable, peaceful, Godly thought is often times demonic. 

When you have demonic thoughts, actions and others attacking your life and family you must use every SPIRITUAL TOOL IN GOD’S TOOL BOX to fight Satan and his demons. If you use all the tools  you will win. What tool to use at what time? That’s for you to discern. Start with one and if it doesn’t give you success move to the next. Keep pulling out different tools until you have complete peace, total rest in your mind, confidence in who you are in Christ and a sense of well-being.

Here is the list of the main tools in God’s tool box:

Speaking in Tongues

Claiming the Blood of the Lamb over your situation

Putting on the Armor of God

Taking Authority over your situation

Rebuking the demons

Rebuking Satan

Fasting and Prayer

Warfare Praying

Corporate Prayer – calling one or two other people to begin praying with you.

Powerful Praising with others or along with radio or CD

Confessing God’s Victory over  your situation

Continually Thanking God for the Victory

Using the Word of God to Warfare

Breaking Generational Curses

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