Wrestling a Demon of Rejection

It was 1 p.m. and I decided to lay down for a nap. I hadn’t slept good for the last few nights and I was now feeling it. It only took a minute and I fell into a deep sleep. I was asleep for about 30 minutes when it sounded like someone had entered the room. I could now tell someone was next to me. Half asleep – half awake I could see that someone was laying next to me. It was a girl with a polyester sweat suit.

“You are no girl” I said. “You are a demon of rejection.”

I began to punch her in the face but as I hit “her” I saw that there was no face. I began to rebuke the demon in the name of Jesus. I continued punching it. Then I pulled one leg and began twisting it. The demon just laid there, lifeless, emotionless.

“You have no power over me in the name of Jesus!”

This demon had no power over me and I was done fighting. It took everything within me to awaken. When I did I was exhausted.


What had happened? For the last few weeks I had to face family, friends and acquaintances in various situations – some hurtful. The demon of rejection tried to make me feel that I was rejected, unloved, invaluable and didn’t fit it. I had been fighting those thoughts and feelings through putting on the Armor of God https://jackieosinski.wordpress.com/category/armor-of-god/page/3/, speaking in Tongues, confessing the Word of God over myself and my family and rebuking wrong thoughts.

Then I thought how the demon presented itself. As I fought it, the demon just “took it” and didn’t fight back. Just like rejection, it makes you feel lethargic, hopeless, tired, worn and makes you want to give up. I saw the demon that attacks so many people. I saw its character and how it operates. It had no power over me.

Who has rejected you recently? Who has hurt you, wounded you, offended you, betrayed you? RESIST the demon of REJECTION in your life, your thoughts and your feelings. Use  ALL the tools I write about under Spiritual Warfare. DON’T let REJECTION minister to you. I saw the demon and it has no power if you are blood-washed and walking in the power of the Lamb.

Know your enemy. He has less power than you think.

If you want further help I suggest listening to my audio meditation on Overcoming Rejection http://mountainstreamshealingcenter.com/challenge-of-the-day/

4 thoughts on “Wrestling a Demon of Rejection

  1. U know I received this email jus when I was totally feeling down and out.Iam a married woman with 3 children and I will tell you that I felt rejected by my spouse who spends most of his time with friends and colleagues instead of his family. He would only come home to sleep at night, I feel soo rejected such that I get thoughts of regret as to why I had such a person as my partner. Anyway this article has lifted me up because I knw I can pray about this demon.

    • Charmaine, you are a wise woman of God. Instead of giving up you are now warfaring. I just recored an audio called Overcoming Rejection – I suggest you listen to it once a day. Also, read all my posts on The Armor of God – also, read How to have Quiet Time and Fasting and Prayer. God is going to move in your situation because you are now chasing the enemy instead of him chasing you. Walk strong in the Lord and the Power of His might. Blessings beloved.

  2. My brother hates me, my mom plays favorites and my dad couldn’t care less. My “friends” are fake. I don’t think I will ever stop fighting the demon of rejection.

    • Brooke, you are the most valuable person on earth. God has an amazing plan for you life – if you don’t give up. Your life sounds a lot how mine was – yet one day the Lord spoke to me and said “Jackie, the very thing that you thought would destroy you will be the very thing to develop you.” It was then that I knew all my heartache in life wasn’t just for nothing – it was so that I could be EMPOWERED by my past hurts. Beloved, put on the Armor of God daily (read all my posts on Armor of God) and say it faithfully OUT LOUD until that DEMON of rejection knows it is NOT ALLOWED TO STAY. Standing with you in faith. Keep in touch.

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