Prayer for Healing of Marriage

Dear Lord, my marriage needs healing and restoration. I ask that you would forgive me and my spouse of any selfishness and pride. Please show me my sins and give me the grace to ask my spouse for forgiveness in these areas. Please do the same for him/her. Give us the desire to want to keep working on our marriage. Your Word tells us that whatever you have put together no man can separate. Lord, help us to work with you and not against you. Give us the desire to not want to separate. Help us to lay down our rights. Help us to stop being focused on what our needs may be and begin to focus on what you desire for us. Help us to both get back on the same page. Lord, restore to us the love we both felt when we first met. Rekindle the flames of passion, desire, serving and giving. I now recognize that Satan would love to destroy our marriage. I rebuke Satan off of my marriage in Jesus name. I determine now that I am in this for the long haul. My spouse and I made vows for a life time – not just for when we feel like it. I determine today that I will not break my vows. We are a team. Lord, teach us how to love, how to serve and how to give of ourselves. My love for my spouse is not big enough to make this marriage work – I ask that it would be you loving ___________ through me.   In Jesus name I pray.    amen

I would encourage you to pray this prayer out loud at least once a day. Please read all my posts on Fasting and Prayer, Spiritual Warfare and Marriage. Beloved friend, I am praying God will heal and restore your marriage.

7 thoughts on “Prayer for Healing of Marriage

  1. My husband of 21 yrs is having an affair. I found out a month ago and he wants a divorce. We have 2 daughters. I love him want to fight Satan and save/work on our marriage. He does not. I beg for prayers and God’s mercy. Please Holy Spirit I need your guidance. I beg for my husband to believe in us and God’s forgiveness.

    • My sister, the Holy Spirit will guide you. As you turn your heart to the Lord and focus on Him, You will experience His peace. Hold onto that peace and do not allow circumstances to overwhelm you. The Lord knows exactly what needs to happen. Do not allow your emotions to rule you. Determine to trust God and follow Him as your Shepherd.

      God values your marriage but He values you even more. in fact He sent His son, Jesus to die for you so you could be one with Him. The Lord must have first place in
      your heart. Release yourself to Him. Trust Him and He will direct you.

      As you seek Him for healing for your marriage, rest in the peace that only He can give. He will show you what to say to your husband and when to say it. He will direct your actions and your prayers. Remember, you are a daughter of the King and honor your self as such.

      The resources you find on this website will help you.
      I encourage you to pray this Prayer for Healing Marriage out loud at least once a day. Please read all the posts on Fasting and Prayer, Spiritual Warfare and Marriage.

      I am praying God will heal and restore your marriage.

      A Sister in Christ,
      Judy-a Mountain Streams Counsellor

  2. please let my wife forgive me for all the hurt i caused in the family, i am really sorry from the bottom of my heart,and hope she really forgives me and wants to give our marriage a second chance,i miss my wife and kids so much every day that i am away from them,i am hoping and praying that my request will be answered through praying to God for the help i need and pain i am going through

  3. I’ve been married for 13 months. My husband has asked me for a divorce and to move on. I refuse to allow Satan to ruin what our Lord has joined! I refuse to allow satan and my husbands alcohol addiction to confine our marriage! I don’t want him to give up so fast. I believe in the power of prayer and the power of you Lord, Jesus Christ!

      • I pray daily. Every moment that I feel satan is inside my head I pray for God to remove him and speak through me. I pray that God softens my husbands heart and wants to be with me. Wants to work this out through Jesus name. Please pray!

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