YOU are Wanted

YOU are wanted. YOU are wanted. YOU are wanted. YOU are wanted. YOU are so wanted by your Heavenly Father. In His eyes you are beautiful, beloved, wanted, perfect. You make Him smile. You are His little son, His little daughter. It no longer matters what others have done to you, what they have said about you – YOU are deeply loved by your Heavenly Father. The Word of God tells us that it was He that drew you from your mother’s womb, so even if  your parents didn’t want you – you  were born for your Heavenly Fathers delight. 


Never allow people, Satan or situations to make you feel unloved, unwanted or rejected. YOU are so wanted. Say that out loud right now – “I am wanted.” Say it again, say it all day long, say it in your sleep. Don’t stop saying it.

When you Daddy looks upon you He sees the reflection of His son’s beautiful light shining out of  you. You glow. You radiate Christ’s love. YOU are wanted.

Satan works day and night to try to make you feel ugly, unloved, unwanted and unimportant. These are lies. Stand on the truth – YOU are wanted.

When troubles come, when disappointments hit, when heartache follows you – remind yourself of how very much you are wanted. Of all the billions of people on planet earth – no one could ever take your place. You have a divine destiny. It is your job to discover what it is and accomplish it. If you don’t it won’t get done. Yes, you are very wanted. Yes, you are very valuable. Now go into a lost and dark world and bring the love of Christ to others who feel unloved and unwanted.

You, beloved, are wanted.

If you continue to struggle with rejection you may find encouragement with this teaching

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