Prayer for a Parent Whose Child Commits Suicide


Dear Lord, You alone know the depth of my pain, my sorrow, my grief. It feels like life will never have meaning or purpose. I ask that you now come and heal the wounds in my heart. Heal my mind from the painful memories and leave those which are full of joy – not sorrow. Lord, I know that my son/daughter is with you. I know that they are at peace and full of joy. Let __________ know how much I miss them and that one day I will be with them. Let them know that each time I feel desperately lonely I only have to touch my heart and he/she and I will feel that connection once again.

Heavenly Father I ask that you fill all my emptiness. Reassure me that you still have a plan and a purpose for my life. Give me the strength to carry on. Fill my heart with your love, do not let bitterness, anger or hate take root in me. Give me the power of the Holy Spirit to live for you. Help me to live out _________’s legacy by celebrating each day here on earth. Help me to continue in the love that he/she had while on this earth. 

Finally I ask that you would carry me each day that I am on this earth. Help me and my family to be able to once again find peace, joy and purpose. At the end of my days I will once again be reunited with my beloved. It will be a day of joy beyond comprehension. Until that day I have a purpose to fulfill. Help me to know what that purpose is and how to fulfill it.   In Jesus name I pray.     amen

One thought on “Prayer for a Parent Whose Child Commits Suicide

  1. Please God wrap my son Patrick Joseph young in your arms.
    Please reassure him that even though I’m crying for him I will be fine.
    Please tell him I love him and miss him dearly.
    Please tell him I am not mad at him but I hurt for him and the pain he was in.
    I love him God kiss his face for me hug him tight ask him to help us now so his daughter is able to be in Our lives.
    God please if he can send me a sign so I know he is safe.
    Tell him I’m sorry for not being a better mommy to him tell him I’m so sorry for any pain I put him in.
    I love him so much and even though he is gone his brothers and daughter hold him so dearly.
    He is loved by us God

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