“Today in Jesus name I reclaim my marriage for Christ. No man, no woman, no demon and no stronghold will separate what God has brought together. Satan, I now command you in the name of Jesus to get your hands off of my marriage. Foul spirit of adultery I command that you leave ______________’s mind. Your powers were broken two thousand years ago at the cross. You have no right to touch or torment ____________’s mind. I now cover my marriage, our home, our family and all that we have under the blood of Jesus Christ. I claim complete restoration for my home, my family and my marriage. I speak healing between me and my spouse and Lord I ask that you would bring your healing touch upon our relationship. I pray all of this in Jesus name.”  amen

PRINT OUT THIS PRAYER. You can put your name or your spouse’s name in the blank spaces.  I encourage  you to pray this prayer out loud, with great authority. Speak this with a powerful, determined voice. Say this prayer daily, if not several times a day. For the full teaching on this read  Pull Down that Demonic Spirit of Adultery and Divorce.

24 thoughts on “AUTHORITIVE PRAYER to Pull Down ADULTERY and DIVORCE

  1. Can this work in any realationship? Im not married. But have been together with a woman who i considered my wife for over, 10years. We never took the vows a mistake. But we always considered eachother man and wife. Intill she started having an affair. We have 4 small children. So a spirtiual bond is there. She took the kids moved to texas with this guy and i was left alone to clean a mess with courts. Its soo hard everyone tells me to move on give up. But i still love her and have forgiven all her offenses. I pray everyday for God to heal my family. It seems hopeless. She may be pregnant and seems to have started a new life. But she has lied before. Now i pray for answers from God do i move on or stay and fight, which im doing for my family. When am i fighting to much. ? And move on?

    1. Sanatana,

      I appreciate your sincerity. The Word of God is very clear about sin. God can choose to not answer our prayers when there is sin in our lives. You and your partner were never married. In the eyes of God you were living in sin. It doesn’t matter how long you have been together, you never made vows before God. Now, where do you go from here? First, I would get before God and make sure you are a Christian. That is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your family. Unless you are a born again, committed and faithful Christian you will spend eternity apart from God. Once you do that repent for having sex outside of marriage and living with a woman who isn’t your spouse. Once you do that you can now begin to find God’s will for your life. I recommend reading all my posts under the “God” category. I don’t know what is God’s will for you. But the most important thing is to have a right relationship with Christ, begin reading the bible on a daily basis, begin to seek Him with all your heart and find a non-denominational church where the Word of God is preached. The bible tells us “Seek first the kingdom of God and all the things that you have need of will be added to you. Blessings to you on your journey.

      1. Thank you. I have done all the steps asked for forgivness,have a church and now serve God jesus 100%. I asked God to heal our relationship and family. But is this wrong? To pray for her to come back? I pray to mend things so I have a chance to propose marriage ? To fix things with my family and her. Everyone says move on. The pastor says pray. Im feeling of a loss of hope. I talk to my wife and its sounds as if shes moved on. I keep wanting to fight for my family and her in prayer. To finish what i started a godley family with her. Please keep me in prayer. Do i give up or stop praying for her?. I dont want to hurt. But i dont want to wait for her if shes never coming thank you for your help and counseling. God Bless

      2. Santana,

        You need a “Word” on your situation. Each situation is different. I encourage you to go on a 3 month media fast. This mean no TV, No movies, No internet, No youtube, etc. I would also encourage you to fast alcohol or anything else that would be powerful during this time. Begin to take at least an hour of quiet time each day. This is not bible reading or prayer, it is simply being very still before God and waiting for His presence. Write down any thoughts that come to your mind. Ask God to speak to you concerning your situation. He will make it clear. Then stick with the decision no matter what He tells you. As you quiet your heart and mind and life hearing God’s voice will be much easier.

        blessings to you as you seek our Saviour.

        1. Thank you.. Ill also do a Danieal fast. For 40 days. No sweet thing no bread or sweet drink. Only veggies fruit and water.

  2. I am a christian married to an unbelieving husband for the past 15 Years. We have a 10 Year old son. I am guilty of adultery n now my husband too is in a adultrous with an unbelieliving married woman. I know now that i am the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ. I ask for prayers for forgiveness n restoration of our marriage and most importantly, salvation for my husband. Thank you in the love of the Lord. Golda.

    1. Golda, God forgives our sin as we come to Him in repentance. 1 John 1:9 states “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” Please read John 8:1-11 and meditate on it. Imagine yourself at the feet of Jesus and allow His words to penetrate your heart. The woman (who was taken in adultery) has been left alone with Jesus. He looks at her and says to her “I do not condemn you, either. Go. From now on sin no more.” There is no sin God does not forgive. The only sin that remains unforgiven is the one not repented of.
      You cannot control your husband but you can stand in the gap for him. If you will delight yourself in the Lord and allow Him to be the center of your life, He will guide you and use you to help your husband. The Lord will bring healing and comfort to you as you submit to Him. Be patient with yourself, your husband and the circumstances. It will take time for these things to be resolved. Stay in faith and trust that God is working on your behalf. Read Psalm 37:4.
      Ask God to give you others to pray with you and for you and your husband. Use the tools presented on the blog to help guide you. You will even find specific prayers to pray. Remember that once you repented, you were forgiven. Trust God to bring you through this. He loves you. Stand firm in your faith and let God guide you.

  3. Father God reunify and keep the lust out of my husband’s eye….Jesus you know where I am where he is and the hurt I am enduring while he has shut down all communication with me. Father open his eyes to the pain he is inflicting on me that I know you are not happy with and a marriage is not meant to go through. Thank you father for loving a wretch like me…Father you know I don’t wish anyone to be jobless but I am asking the woman at my husband’s work place be sent down another road…For the cell phone communication to STOP right now…Father I know you can’t stop free will yet you can get in the way of it….Father thank you for showing my husband he is not being a husband of you…..Thank you Jesus I love you and pray this in your precious name Amen!

  4. I found your prayer a few days ago and now I pray it daily. My wife of 21 years wants to end our marriage. She is not having an affair but she has been heavily into Reiki and other new age dark practices like psychic readings and intuitive readings (basically communicating with spirits). We are both Catholic and had our marriage convalidated in the Catholic church in 2004. But then she got caught up in these new age practices and followed Eckhert Tole and left the Church for good in 2012. After that my oldest daughter who is now 18 left the church as well and spiraled downward into mental illness and now is in a special school. My other 16 year old daughter has been remaining strong in the faith and was confirmed last year. Things were going well in our marriage the last 6 months to a year especially after we went on a Retrouvaille retreat in January. Over Father’s day she went away on a weekend workshop called Inuitive Healing. After the weekend she was like a programed person. The she told me that she was unhappy being married and wants to end it and nobody can fix it. She says it’s not me but she is unhappy being married. But she doesn’t have a plan to leave and wants me to accept it. Then she says it will all fall into place. She thinks it will have no affect on our kids. She is talking like a teenager and not with any reason. She is 54 years old. This is not my wife I know but is now like a stranger. She is refusing counseling and is hell bent on ending it. I told her I don’t want to end the marriage. I need to be true to our marriage vows and our kids. I love my wife. The person that came back from that workshop is not my wife. Please pray for us and that the Holy Spirit will convert Julie’s heart and restore her to sanity. Any advice you can give would be appreciated. I have a large support group including a Christian therapist who are praying daily to save our marriage.

    God Bless,

    1. Steve, thanks for sharing your story. We will be lifting up your situation. Do you fast? Read all my posts on Fasting and Prayer. I highly recommend a 1 one year fast for you and your 16 year old. The demonic powers of hell are at work here and we need the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. Fasting brings in a higher level of power when fighting demonic forces. We must daily pray “I break the blinders off _______ ‘s eyes. I now release her to see God’s truth and God’s love. Satan the plans you have set out against _______ and our family were broken at the cross in Jesus name.” Steve, read all my posts on The Armor of God. Put this on daily. Teach this to your 16 year old. This will equip you with the spiritual weapons to break the back of this demonic activity. Also, read all my posts on Spiritual Warfare. Your wife is under a spirit of confusion and delusion. She no longer knows right from wrong. As we warfare against these demonic forces we will slowly begin to see her eyes opened to the truth. Pray also that God send Godly women to love her and speak truth to her. Contact me if you have further questions. Standing with you in faith.

      1. I’ve been fasting every morning until lunch with just coffee and cream for the last few months. But maybe I should cut out the coffee and cream? I’ve also been trying to receive communion every day. It will be more difficult to convince my daughter at this point as she does not understand what is going on. She does acknowledge that her Mom is following false idols though. I told Stella right now it may seem like it is making Mom happy but these false religions always lead to destruction. I couldn’t really tell her any more as I don’t want it to get back her Mother or be suspicious that something is up as we have not told them about this at all.
        Good advice to pray that God send Godly women to love and speak truth to her. Some of the woman she associates with are into this and one woman in particular who grew up in Columbia, S.A. has initiated her into intuitive reading stuff and still has psychic readings with her (although I told her not to do it in out home). 3 years ago she told my wife that Jesus anointed her as his special disciple. After that, is when she renounced her faith. Thank you for your prayers.

      2. Steve, I believe that a Media Fast will be very powerful in your situation I would consider doing this for an extended period of time, such as 3 months to a year. A year without TV, Facebook and movies is a wonderfully, powerful way to cleanse the heart, mind and home. You will survive. You will get back a clear mind. You will see God move. Blessings to you and your family.

  5. Thank you for this prayer it has gotten me throw some pretty rough days since my husband left me. I got the I dont love you anymore note, Please say prayers so that that my husband will see the light and restore our marriage, It has been six months now and I still need all the ecouragement ican get

  6. My husband of 23 years submitted a petition for divorce a few days ago. God said he hates divorce. And although God allows me the freedom to divorce my husband on the count that my husband committed adultry many times. I believe that God does not get glory out of divorce, I want my marriage. I know my husband is blinded by Satan, I know that if I operate in God’s power it will force Satan to flee. I have always prayed and trusted God, but I know I need to take my prayers and fasting to another level. Please guide me holy spirit.

  7. I googled and found your website… I’m tired of my husband Ernest treating me like the other woman, sleeping at this Homewreckers house. I’m loosing my sanity, I just managed to start fasting and praying this week. I pray my answer comes soon and we move on. Please help me pray. Thank u Charleen

  8. Jackie good morning I have a question is it ok to keep praying for the same things over again or should you stop praying over it only once

    1. Lisa, here is where you need to be led of the Holy Spirit. Crying out to God in prayer is the first step in intercessory prayer. How long you stay at that stage is different each time. Ask God to show you. Once God shows you to begin praising Him in faith you now enter the 2nd phase of intercessory prayer. This is where you stop asking and start thanking in faith. Just be sure to avoid “vain repetition.” It is more powerful to say one heartfelt prayer than a thousand that are empty.

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