Today I take on the mind of Christ. I refuse to come under any type of fear. I now rebuke the fear of _________________ (list your fears), it has no power over me.  God hasn’t given me a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. I recognize that these tormenting thoughts of fear are not of God but demonic. I will not have fear of any man or woman for the Word of God tells us that this is a snare but those who fear God shall be exalted. I now take on a confident, powerful mind. Lord, today place your barrier of perfect love around me. Each time fear tries to attack me I will picture your walls of perfect love protecting me from the demonic fears because  your Word tells us that perfect love casts out ALL fear.

In Jesus name I pray.   amen

I would encourage you to PRINT OUT this prayer, post it where it can be seen and pray it OUT LOUD first thing in the morning.

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