Dear Lord Jesus, I am stuck in the grasp of prostitution. I am tired of this life, of the abuse, of the heartache and the turmoil. Please change my heart – make my desires your desires. I cannot break free of this cycle of prostitution – I ask that you would do it through me. In the name and power of JESUS I now command all desires of prostitution and sexuality to leave me. In Jesus name I now break all soul-ties between me and all those that I have had an intimate relationship with. I no longer want them and I no longer need them. Heavenly Father please forgive me for allowing my body to be used and abused in a sinful way. I now acknowledge that all sex outside of  marriage is sinful. Lord, wash me whiter than snow. Give me a new heart, a heart that seeks after you and to do your will. Make me the new man/woman that you have created me to be. I now choose to love you and follow you all the days of my life. Please send people into my life that love, respect and honor me.  I now thank you for breaking all the chains of prostitution off of me in Jesus name.   amen

I encourage you to print out this prayer and say it OUT LOUD with authority 3 times a day and each time that you are tempted.

Praying for you.

4 thoughts on “PRAYER to leave PROSTITUTION

    Dear Director / Brother / Sister in Christ,
    Greetings to you in Jesus’ name!
    I would like to share with you that I am reaching specifically to the Muslims for Christ according to God’s call & His guidance in my life and Hindus too. At present I am having two congregations one for the believers from Muslims background & their friends on Friday and another congregation is for the believers from Hindu background and their relatives and friends on Sunday. Beside these two congregations, I am having several Home Church fellowships among the Muslim & Hindu communities by His grace & mercy.
    There are lots of women and young girls became prostitutes in my area among these communities (Muslims & Hindus) mainly for POVERTY. Almost every single day young girls are being trafficked due to their family situation & poverty.
    This evening (07.08.2018), while I was sharing ministry & prayer requests to my prayer partners through emails, God’s Spirit has spoken into my deep heart and filled my heart with His vision and burden for the prostitutes. He inspired my heart to make a team from the believers groups and send them to the prostitutes to share God’s love for them and to rescue them in Jesus’ name.
    Humbly I request you kindly pray that I might be obeying to Him and His vision might be fulfilled in and through my life and ministry for His own glory. Pray that God might help me to establish Home fellowship for them.

  2. I release the wonder working power manifest a new chapter upon your life Mwangi in Jesus name. With the Lord God all things are possible

  3. I’m Anthony Mwangi, I want a strong prayer because my sin …I have wife and two children but my I go out with Ladies having sex anywhere I want…please pray for me that God can see me through..

    • Anthony, God will see you through. More than that, He will forgive you, cleanse you, and set you free to serve Him. Ask Him to forgive you. Ask him to deliver you. Talk to him and tell Him exactly how you feel. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He will guide you. He Loves You. Nothing is more powerful than His love for you. And He Will Deliver You.

      Find a godly man to talk to.

      If you are honest with God,
      He will bring you through.

      I pray for you right now. No weapon formed against you will prosper. I break every assignment of evil against you in the Name of Jesus.
      And in the name of Jesus you are set free.

      Jesus says “Go and sin no more.” He always helps us do what He tells us to do.

      You will find help as you read through the post on this blog.

      Stand up and be full of courage. You are not alone! – Judy Assistant Counselor – Mountain Streams Healing Center

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