1425410622oe86uThe prophet Daniel had just been given a great prophecy. He was exhausted, tired, drained and sick. Spiritual warfare will exhaust you. It will drain you. It can make you weak. It can cause you to be ill.“Then I, Daniel, was exhausted and sick for days.”  Daniel 8:27

Daniel had just finished being shown thousands of years of prophecy. These visions which were sent from God may have taken hours or even days to be conveyed to Daniel. The visions were about the end-times and the forthcoming kingdoms, rulers and final destruction of evil powers. The things which Daniel saw overwhelmed him, distressed him and even frightened him. It was almost too much for human eyes to see or a human heart to bear. At the end of it all Daniel was exhausted, overwhelmed, distressed and sick.

Are you in the middle of spiritual warfare? Have you been praying for your country, your people, your family, your marriage, those suffering around you? Are you feeling tired, worn, depressed, dejected, disillusioned and sick? You may be suffering from Spiritual Warfare Exhaustion.


If you are an intercessor you feel the pain, agony and heartache of those around you. You cry out to the Lord for change. Spiritual warfare affects your body, mind, soul and spirit. What is being affected is your adrenal glands.  What are the adrenal glands?

The adrenal gland is a small organ that comes in pairs. There is one on top of each kidney. it is a hormone-producing gland. One of the major hormones made by the adrenal gland is cortisol. Too much cortisol can cause symptoms of weight gain, poor sleep, fatigue, elevated blood sugars, menstrual irregularities, increased thirst, higher blood pressure, more frequent infections and depression. Basically, when your adrenal glands are not functioning correctly or they are over-stressed – it begins to break down your body. This is what can happen during long periods of spiritual warfare.

Often times we say we are being satanically attacked when in fact our bodies are just shutting down due to the duress placed upon them by the intense spiritual warfare. It is wisdom to know and understand the difference. When we attack a problem we must first understand the enemy and fight it accordingly. If your adrenal glands are exhausted it is not Satan, it is your body’s way of saying “Help, I’m exhausted, give me a break.”

Perhaps this sounds like what you have been going through. What can you do? The obvious answer would be to rest. Be certain that you are protective of your sleep time. Get to bed at a regular time, preferably by 10 p.m. each evening. If you are not sleeping well work on trying various natural sleep products until you are sleeping throughout the night. I have written about how particular herbs can greatly enhance our sleep time .

Naps can can be a life saver when you are spiritually drained. Don’t underestimate the power of a 30 minute nap to calm your mind and restore your energy. I don’t know how many times I was exhausted and decided to take a nap. I often woke up feeling invigorated and ready to begin the second half of my day. During the long winter months I typically make it a habit to daily take a nap. I believe naps revitalize us and keep us looking and feeling youthful. If you can afford the time a hour nap has great restorative powers.

Daily Quiet Time is essential to your spiritual and physical health.  An hour a day keeps the stress away. This is often done first thing in the morning to balance your mind, body and soul. Sit quietly and wait on God’s presence. Don’t pray or read. This is your time to allow God to minister to you. Let your mind quietly focus on God’s Word, His presence, His peace. Always make your quiet time a priority. You will begin to notice that on the day you have quiet time your emotions are calmer and your mind is more at peace. Once you get in the habit of having daily quiet time you will find that it is difficult to go a day without your quiet time.

Next, regular exercise. Yes, studies have shown that regular, intense exercise actually helps your body to deal with stress, alleviate cortisol and bring harmony to your body. A slow walk won’t cut it. You will need to push your body to do more than it thinks it can. Running, swimming, power-walking, etc. are what is needed to keep your blood flowing and bring your hormones into balance. If  you are too busy to exercise then you have your priorities out of order. No matter how Godly you are you must take care of this precious body that the Lord God gave you. Love yourself enough to incorporate exercise into your daily life. If you can find something that you have fun at doing it won’t feel like work, you will eventually begin to look forward to it.

I began running a year ago. I thought I would die. I am going to be 54 and consider myself very active. But God was telling me I needed to do more to be healthier. At first I could only run a few feet, then I’d walk. I kept up this pattern for months. Finally  I was able to run my first mile, then two. Today I am able to run 6 miles and I love it. I have learned that it is never too late to push your body beyond what you think you can do. Today I am stronger, more energetic and overall healthier than 20 years ago. Running has changed my life.

Finally, limit your prayer time. You are NOT obligated to pray all day long. Consider praying only on weekdays for 30 minutes or an hour each day.  That is still a lot of praying. Or consider taking an entire month off from praying. Try taking 3-6 months off. Pray about it and allow the Holy Spirit to free you from any false responsibility that you may have about continually praying. You are called to a life of peace, not stress.

If you do take time off know that God is taking care of all those prayer needs. Your family, your kids, your spouse, the government, the world will not fall apart when you don’t pray. Know that there are millions of others praying every day, every night and at all times. I used to think the world would fall apart if I stopped praying for a day, a week or a month. Then my beloved friend said to me “You’re not that important.”

Try reducing your prayer time for a few days, a few weeks or a month and see how you feel. God may be trying to tell you that He’s got your situation. I encourage you to read Stop Praying and Just say Thank you.

Are you like Daniel, tired, sick and worn? God wants to restore and replenish you. Ask God to give you a plan that you can begin to work through to restore the healing  you need for your body. Let’s pray:

“Dear Lord, I pray for my friend who is tired, worn and discouraged. I ask that you would give them the wisdom and knowledge necessary to find healing and hope. Give them a new plan of restoration. Help them to find an Oasis in the desert that they might once again be refreshed to continue your work.   In Jesus name we pray.   amen


  1. “Finally, limit your prayer time. You are NOT obligated to pray all day long. Consider praying only on weekdays for 30 minutes or an hour each day. That is still a lot of praying. Or consider taking an entire month off from praying. Try taking 3-6 months off.”

    One week that I don’t pray, my armor starts to break apart. I need the Lord every day of my life! What you are advising, is exactly what the enemy wants us to hear and to believe it’s true. Please read Ephesians 6:11-13.

    • Lillie, we are called to a life of peace. The Word tells us “Be still… and know that I am God.” Stillness can come in many forms, one of them is taking a break from praying. If we think we are holding the world together by our prayers we are seriously unbalanced. We all need rest from spiritual warfare. One of the tricks of Satan is to make Prayer Warriors think that if they stop praying the world will fall apart. “HE HOLDS ALL THINGS TOGETHER BY THE POWER OF HIS WORD” – not us. This teaching was written to those who are spiritually weary. It is not intended to convey laziness or complacency.

  2. I love and appreciate this article . Very few spiritual based writings integrate physical health as being more than an attack from the enemy. The part about running was a bit discouraging however as I’m unable to engage in vigorous exercise due to health issues . As my doctor has said something ( even a stroll ) is better than nothing for those who simply can’t do more. I was relieved to imagine that I can make peace with the feeling of needing to constantly pray for others . When my grandma passed so many commented on how the mantle of intercessor had been passed to me. I can’t inagin not praying but I do receive peace with the idea of carrying what really amounts to more of an emotional burden to pray.

      • J. Kim, that is an excellent point. It’s important to note that I say “Often times we say we are being satanically attacked when in fact our bodies are just shutting down due to the duress placed upon them by the intense spiritual warfare. It is wisdom to know and understand the difference. When we attack a problem we must first understand the enemy and fight it accordingly. If your adrenal glands are exhausted it is not Satan, it is your body’s way of saying “Help, I’m exhausted, give me a break.”

        Thus, I am addressing the entire issue of being Satanically attacked – that is the entire jest of Spiritual Warfare, it is a given that you have been battling Satan. My point is that we often don’t understand that our bodies are frail and can simply be fatigued from the intense Spiritual Warfare. I address the fact that it is important to discern the difference. Sometimes we connote all of our ailments to Satan and that is simply not true – it’s both – in the spiritual realm and in the natural. blessings

  3. This post is exactly what I needed. My SIL and I have declared war on the enemy. We let him know that the chase has been reversed and we’re coming after him! She has been hit with sudden fatigue and is in bed. We had agreed that when one is week the other with have her back. I’m so thankful for people like you, that put information out there regarding this issue. God Bless!

  4. Thank you😊
    Exactly what I needed to read this morning God bless you for the work you do . God bless you and your family . Have a wonderful rest of the year and many more to come. In Jesus Name

    • Olivia,

      Thank you for the kind words as you’ll never know just how much we needed to hear them. I now pray a fresh wave of God’s love to wash all over you. Tumbling you in His love and mercy.. blessings

  5. Thank you thank you I blow kisses to the Father who blessed me to read this I feel so tired after morning of intercession leading my prayer group to pray for the leadership of the us . It was led by the Spirit and I felt so tired I am self employed I don’t want to appear lazy since God put me into full time ministry I still want to keep one my 9 to 5 schedule of being on the go all the time but God is humbling me to do all he want me to do thank you for this thank you so much

    • God bless you Henry, so glad it helped. Make sure that you are getting DAILY quiet time. This is critical for your spiritual as well as physical health. Also, be sure you are daily finding something you can do that is fun, creative or just relaxing. We are still humans, not just spirits. You are a mighty man of God and I bless you as you go forth to bring God’s kingdom to where you live. blessings. ( also be sure you are putting on The Armor of God daily – read all my posts)

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