Dear Lord, you see how very lonely I am. You see how I am hurting. You see how I am struggling. You alone know all that I have been through. Lord, I ask that you would be the lover of my soul.  Fill all the emptiness that I feel in my heart and mind. Heal the wounds of my heart. Heal the painful memories in my children. I now look to you to be my provider. I now ask that you would help to meet my needs in ways that I could not even imagine.

Help me to trust you when the car breaks down, when the bills need to be paid, when the school calls me, when I feel alone and abandoned. Give me the courage to believe that tomorrow will hold blessings. Help me find the strength to make it through today. Help me to believe when it feels like everything is falling apart.

Lord, please send angels into my life – people who will help me, encourage me and hold my hand. Help me to trust again. Help me to believe that there are still faithful, kind and committed people in this world and that you are sending them my way. Help me to find a fellowship where I and my children will be loved and accepted.

Give us favor and kindness each place that we go and each situation we are in. Heavenly Father I really need you to be my daddy. I need to know that you are watching over and are protecting me and my children. Help us to feel warm, safe and protected. But most of all Lord, let us know how much you love us. Let us know that in any situation we can cry out to you, that  you will take care of us and that you will meet all of our needs.  I ask all of this in Jesus name.    amen.

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