Have you ever felt less than someone? Have  you ever felt that you were not as confident as others? Have you ever been nervous answering the phone? Has an abusive person ever called you and made you feel fearful?

I am going to share a secret with you that has worked for many women that have faced similar situations to you. This secret is very powerful because it actually changes that way you FEEL about yourself and how you VIEW yourself. It is simply this – STAND ON A CHAIR.

1387063780p7q7nEach time the phone rings or you are about to call someone who makes you nervous or intimidates you just STAND ON A CHAIR. I want you to get as tall as possible. If you have to stand on a table or sofa then do that. Just get to the tallest height that is possible for you. Then when you get on the phone you begin to imagine the person you are speaking to be as a tiny ant. YOU ARE TALL – they are small. When you begin the conversation you remind yourself that you are now IN CONTROL – not them. I want you to speak with confidence and strength – no fearful, whiney, scared voice – but a strong, powerful, overcoming voice. At first it may feel a little awkward – that is ok. In time you will begin to GROW in CONFIDENCE.

Now, if you are struggling at work, school, church, home or any other place where you feel intimidated or scared you will use this same  tactic – but you will practice at home.You will rehearse the same lines while standing on a chair. Find the words that you have been wanting to say and role play them over and over. Then when it’s time to speak to the person the words will effortlessly coming flying out of your mouth. Some examples are:

“Don’t EVER speak to me that way again!”

“I am not your doormat!”

“NO, I cannot do this for you!”

“STOP calling me names and making fun of me!”

“If you EVER hit me again I will call the police and tell them everything you have done to me.”

“Don’t EVER touch me like that again.”

“I am your WIFE start respecting ME!’

“Don’t EVER disrespect me again!”

You know what you need to say – you just haven’t had the guts to say it. Be tall.
Stand on a chair. TAKE BACK YOUR POWER. Be the mighty woman of God that you are called to be.

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