You’ve Got KEYS!

In Mat. 16:19 Jesus said

“I will give you the KEYS of the Kingdom of Heaven. Whatever you forbid (bind, incapacitate) on earth will be forbidden in heaven. Whatever you permit (loose, permit, free) on earth will be permitted in heaven.”


What was Jesus saying here? When you give someone a key to your home, office or car they now have been given 5 things.






As Jesus was wrapping up the loose ends before He went to the cross and ascended into heaven He was making a transference of power to His disciples and all who would diligently follow after Him. We see this again in Matt. 10:19 “I give you super-human ability to tread upon serpents and scorpions and over ALL the evil workings of Satan.” Jesus was establishing His kingdom through His followers so that His ministry would not die off but would grow and be strengthened.

As believers we have now been handed the keys from Christ over every situation that we will have to face: Finances, relationships, diseases, sickness, demons, catastrophes, marriage, difficulties, even death. How do you use these “keys?” You put on the Armor of God out-loud first thing in the morning You walk, talk, live and think completely under the power of God. You choose to live a holy life so that the power of God will not be hindered in your life.

I work with alot of defeated Chris1349236991jmvs6tians – those who are depressed, fearful, suicidal, hopeless, helpless, in despair, destitute, confused, beat down and beat up. The one thing that each of these people ALWAYS have in common is that they DO NOT understand WHO they are in Christ, WHAT He has given them, WHAT He has done for them and HOW to take authority over all the situations in their lives.

There is nothing sadder than to see a committed believer who has been handed a beautiful wooden box full of hundreds of keys – keys to blessings, keys to power, keys to health, keys to confidence, keys to promotion, keys to the desires of their hearts – yet they refuse to open the box. They do not understand that Christ paid a great price to deliver these keys to His children – He gave His very life so that we could have these keys.


What does it mean when Jesus tells us that “Whatsoever we bind or loose on earth will be bound or loosed in heaven?” First, as we use the power keys that Jesus has given us we are lining up with GOD’S WILL in heaven. As you are walking according to the love, humility and power that Christ has for you then you are bringing God’s kingdom to earth, to your town, to your home, to your family. This is good. God wants you lined up with God’s will. Yet this is why it is so important to regularly fast and pray – because when we pray amiss of God’s will (which so many Christians do) they are not bringing God’s kingdom but what they are bringing is pain, confusion, turmoil, disorder, discord and contention.

Do you ever feel like you are always confused? Start to fast and pray on a weekly basis and break that demonic stronghold off of you and your family.

To bind anything TAKES AWAY ITS POWER. A bound bear cannot attack you. A bound criminal cannot rob you. A bound alligator cannot kill you. A bound demon cannot hurt you. You see it is YOUR responsibility to use the superhuman power that Jesus delegated to you.

What demon has tormented your marriage? Adultery? Division? Strife? Anger? Bind that demon in Jesus name and begin to take back control over your marriage. What demon has been tormenting your mind? Confusion? Fear? Despair? Depression? Hopelessness? Suicide? Take authority and bind that demon! YOU HAVE POWER OVER IT! Stop sitting back like a lame duck – take the keys of power, strength, vision, purpose, might, authority  and victory to defeat Satan and his adversaries.

What does it mean when Jesus said that “Anything that is permitted (or loosed) on earth shall be loosed in heaven?”


Anything that is released or loosed is now free: A freed bird can now fly. A freed horse can now run with joy. A freed prisoner can now begin life anew. You and I have the spiritual power to release, to loose God’s kingdom in our lives. We should daily release God’s blessings upon our family. We should daily release God’s power in our minds. We should daily release wisdom, knowledge, energy, health, understanding, fortitude and gumption into our lives. Everything that we need in the spiritual realm we should release.

Where are you bound?

What torments you?

What is attacking your family, finances, home or marriage?

Where do you feel hopeless?

If you are a born-again, committed, faithful believer then YOU have been given the keys to the kingdom of God. Ask God to begin to reveal this powerful spiritual insight. Open the box of keys and begin to live the overcoming life Christ has ordained for you to live.

You’ve Got KEYS !!!

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