How Demons Can Inspire You to Be Stronger in Christ

file0002112462681When I renounced Silva Mind Control and all occult activities I found the demons became angry. I had seen demons many times when I was involved with the occult but now that I committed my life to Christ it began to increase. I would often go night after night and have demonic dreams or see demonic apparitions. I was often worn out with the spiritual battles.

One morning after having Satan appear to me in a dream and threaten me with demonic pictures created with fire I was exhausted. I prayed “Lord Jesus, I pray that I never have these type of attacks again.” The difference was immediate. I was sleeping peacefully at night and seldom if ever had any demonic attacks. It was now only a few times a year that I would be attacked. I seldom thought about it.

Fast forward  20 years. I am actively involved in ministry. My life is moving along. I am maintaining. Sometimes it feels boring being a believer. It feels as though there is no spark, nothing dynamic, everything seems dry. Then one night I am asleep and feel a demon running across my face. I become angry. They have disrupted my sleep and I am agitated. As I force myself to awaken I am excited as I remember that demons ARE real. I am in the battle once more. I will go out of my way to retaliate – I will pray for Satanists, I will fast for an unsaved friend, I will witness to a neighbor – I will hit Satan harder than when he hit me. I will make him wish he never sent that demon out to attack me.

Each time I am demonically attacked I use this opportunity to inspire me to do something greater for Christ. It is like drinking a spiritual protein shake. I get fired up. I am empowered. It is the very jolt that I need to recharge my batteries. “Thank you demons, this is just what I was needing.” Do you think this aggravates them? I think so.

About two years ago I was in a deep sleep. In my dream I felt a strong demonic presence. Upon awaking I saw a tall, dark hooded demon standing in the corner of the bedroom. I was terrified. In the morning I called my prayer partner and told her what happened. She responded “So what?”

“So what?” I said incredulously “There was this huge demon in my room and you say ‘so what?’

“So what?” she said again. She said this about 5 times until I finally got it. Okay, now I see what she is trying to tell me. So what if a demon appeared in my room, is that something  to get worried over? You are a believer in Christ with more power than all the demons in hell. So what if they appear, jump, dance, wave a wand or whatever they try to do to scare you. THEY HAVE NO POWER OVER YOU!

Since that time I have had absolutely no fear of demons regardless of what hour they come. I don’t waste my time or energy on them. I know they have no power over me. If they want to waste their time by standing in my room it doesn’t bother me. All I know is that when they do attack me I grow stronger. I am empowered. I am reminded that if demons are real than so is God.

The next time you are demonically attacked don’t get upset or allow fear to come in. Just thank the demon for reminding you of how real they are and now you will work even harder to build up God’s kingdom.

Even demons are subject to God.

The more they attack they more I realize they are merely a tool of God’s.

Sometimes the tool is simply allowed to make believers more of what they should be. Learn to use the tool.

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