I have only been watching one TV show a week, no more. The show is The Middle, about a family living in Indiana. It is very clean and wholesome. This last week during the show a commercial came on – it featured a gay couple https://jackieosinski.wordpress.com/2012/05/11/does-god-hate-gay-people/ . I was upset, disheartened and disturbed. Why? Because I don’t want myself and my family to become BRAINWASHED into thinking that the gay lifestyle is normal, healthy or acceptable. I don’t want my sleep disturbed with perverted thoughts. I don’t want that Hollywood trash tainting my brain.



What is wrong with seeing lesbians, homosexuals and other sinful lifestyles on TV? Here is what is wrong with it:

  • Everything you see becomes a part of you.
  • Anything we watch long enough dupes us into thinking that it is harmless.
  • Perverted shows opens us up to the demonic realm.
  • Gay and lesbian characters dupe us into thinking about their lovely personality instead of the fact that they are living in sin.
  • Philippians 4:8 tells us it’s sinful to look at perversion – no matter how nice the people seem.
  • A spirit of confusion comes upon you when you view sin in a deluding manner.
  • When you choose to watch a show that views sin as “normal” it counteracts the work God is doing in your life.
  • Any TV shows or movies that promote sin are a reflection of some producers warped ethics.
  • What you watch you support. When you watch deranged shows you are saying “I support you.”
  • You could ultimately lose your soul by allowing wrong TV shows in. How? You start to become what you continually watch.

What is the solution you say? I am now permanently off TV. I have DVD’s to watch. Even if I have to sell the TV, it won’t kill me. What will kill me is losing my soul to hell because I was lulled into wrong thinking and wrong living because of TV. Really, is it worth your soul?

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