file000378081320Dear Lord,  please forgive me for aborting my child. I am so very sorry. I was truly ignorant of what I was doing – yet I take full responsibility for my actions. Lord, I can never express the depths of sorrow and pain that I feel in my heart. I have done the unthinkable and I am heartbroken. I know that your Word tells me that Jesus paid the price on Calvary for all of my sins – I praise God for that. Even this sin which seems unforgivable can be forgiven completely and covered under the blood of Jesus. 

Therefore, I now come in the name of Jesus and ask complete forgiveness for the abortion(s) which I have had. I ask that with the precious blood of Jesus you would completely wash away all my wrong doing and my wrong thinking. You said in your Word that even though my sins are red as scarlet you will now wash them white as snow. May you now cover me, my mind, my body, my past, my present and my future under the beautiful blood of Jesus. May I feel the white snow of God’s love filling me and surrounding me.

Each time Satan reminds me of my past I will only speak the words “The blood.” This will remind him and me that I am forgiven and I will refuse to come under guilt and condemnation. Holy Spirit give me the power to live each day for Christ. Make my life a shining example of God’s love and goodness. Help me to be the woman that God has called me to be. 

Lord, I now believe that you have my baby waiting for me in heaven. I now ask that you give me a peace in my heart and a joy in my mind that I will one day be united with my child, as I continue to live for Christ. Thank you for your love, your forgiveness and your grace.    I ask all this in Jesus name.   amen

Take a few minutes to listen to my healing meditation Forgiveness after an Abortion under Audio Meditations.   


10 thoughts on “PRAYER OF FORGIVENESS after an ABORTION

  1. I am glad l read this. l have done so many mistakes of late. He made me believe he wanted a child with me. For 2 years l couldn’t but when things headed to the rocks, just when l was painfully walking out, l conceived. l was happy, l thought it was a blessing coming our way to bond us further. But l was wrong. He took off. l decided to be a single mother. But the pregnancy pushed me to the wall. The fatigue…. Morning sickness, l couldnt take it single handedly without support. My job was threatened, all the negatives about first pregnancy at 39, l cldnt take it anymore. l panicked, when l called him he said he had no support for me. We decided on abortion which he paid for. After the abortion came the silent treatment.

    With all l was going through after the baby loss l couldn’t take the emotional abuse from the silent treatment. l couldn’t reach him on phone because he stopped anawering my calls. l broke up with him via whatsup. l tried to explain why it was the only way out, and was even sorry for yelling at him in the past and telling him hurtful things whenever we had a quarel. But he always gave me the silent treatment and sent me into panic. l hate the me and what that silence turned me into. He has not called or talked to me since that break up. l was feeling terrible when l started looking for forgiveness prayer. Now am fine and am not going allow the devil to talk to me.

    For him, l will give him space and time to go through all these that have happened to us. When he is done and is ready to talk again, l will ask for proper forgiveness and give us a good closure. So we can be able to pick the shattered pieces of our broken lives, glue them together and move on.

    • Carolle, where you even married to this man? If not that is the first place to repent – ANY sex outside of marriage – that means anything more than kissing – it wrong. God’s Word is very clear that fornication is sin. Get back to the root of all of the problem – not putting God first and honoring His Word. So often we cry out to God for help and deliverance but until we truly honor Him in ALL we do – there will continue to be heartache, confusion and distress. May you turn to Christ with your whole heart, soul and mind and obey Him and His Word in all that you do. John 3:3 tells us Unless you are born again you will NEVER enter the kingdom of Heaven. This means repenting of all your sins, turning away from them permanently, making Jesus Lord of your life in every area – particularly your relationships, living for God each and every day and never compromising in your Christian walk. This is the only way to enter heaven. If you need more information on this please contact me. Praying for you.

  2. Thank you for your prayers , i have so much guilt in my heart i cant forgive my self with what i have done in my past but reading your comforting prayers it will help me to sleep tonight. Im in need of guidance i neeed Jesus in my life.

  3. Oh god did i need to hear this…Im very sad what Ive done in the past..I have four children now oldest 18 youngest 3. I am a born again Christian and I really feel bad. This has hit me in last 2 months about what I’ve done. I can’t forgive myself at all.

    • Jammie, you have a choice to make. You can choose to believe that what Jesus did by dying to cleanse us from our sin is effective or you can choose to believe that what He did is not effective.

      If you condemn yourself then you choose to make His forgiveness useless. You will be believing a lie.

      You can and you must forgive yourself.
      Ask the Holy Spirit to help you do this. He will help you. Take paper and pen and write it all out. Tell the Lord everything. Do not leave anything out. Just write it down. Then, read it aloud to Him. Let your tears flow. Jesus will be right there with you. He will talk to you. Let Him comfort and love on you. Write that down too. It is important to write down what your heart hears Him say so you will remember it.

      Go back daily to this website and read the teaching and prayer of forgiveness after an abortion, pray it out loud as many times as necessary. Read all the teachings under the Forgiveness category, particularly the teaching Don’t Let Your Past Haunt You

      Jammie, you can forgive yourself. Do not let Satan rob you of forgiveness. Trust the Lord to lead you through this. He has forgiven you. He loves you. He will restore you. His blood cleanses all our sin. If you are clean, then what do you have to forgive yourself for? Please do not hold onto something for which Jesus died to cleanse you.

      My prayer is that you will embrace the truth and be set free by that truth. Turn your eyes from yourself and receive what God has done for you. He has a plan for you. It is good and not evil. He knows you completely and has forgiven you completely. Accept His love so you can share it with others. Believe you are forgiven and forgive yourself.
      Yes, you can do it. Your sister in Christ, Judy- A Mountain Streams Counselor

      • Sister Jackie Osinski..Thankyou so much for writing me back! I never really told anyone not even my husband I just cant..I never wrote anyone either so this is the first time I been praying hard 2 months O think Im trying to let go and I think im more than half way there and after I read your email It helped me..Things are looking up im 39 and I lived in the darkest days even if I love my kids I never loved myself at all…My heart eeally feels more open and I feel he is speaking to me alittle here and there slowley.. Thankyou so much again for your kind words they mean so much to me and my family and I are studying every chance we get and my husband is now coming to know God/ Jesus ..I beat myself up for not doing this years ago but from now on I understand why I or we can not make it without him…

  4. I stand alongside in agreement with this prayer as one, of many, who has directly been involved with abortion in my lifetime. Man is arrogant to believe he can subjectively state when life begins. It is grievous to think how apathetic our culture is toward the taking of a life. Forgive us – forgive them. We already have victory by “the blood”. Thank God.



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