What do you fear? What is troubling you? What is causing you to be anxious? I am here to tell you that none of that is of God.

Any type of fear is NOT of God.

Practical fear – “But if I don’t do this… than something bad will happen.”

Reasonable fear – “Logically these bad things can happen if we make the wrong decision.”

Worldly fear – “Everyone knows that is an unsafe place to live. Everyone knows we have to cover ourselves financially. Everyone knows you should have more money.”

Common Sense fears – ” I must have a degree to be a success. I have to make sure I get the flu shot. I need to get my yearly exam. I have to listen to what the doctor says.”

We can substantiate for all our fears – it makes sense. God’s laws don’t make sense. They are not logical. They are ridiculous. Trust in God when you have been diagnosed with cancer? yup. Trust in God when you are getting sued? yup. Trust in God when your spouse wants a divorce? yup. Trust in God when you are being evicted? yup. Trust in God when you have to live in a dangerous country? yup. Trust in God when everyone around you is terrified? yup.

No matter what trust in God. This is not an emotional feeling – it’s a choice. “I WILL NOT FEAR.” Say this out loud right now. Say it all day long. Choose faith every time. It doesn’t matter that your faith makes no sense – neither does walking on water, raising the dead, healing a deaf man or casting out a demon. Does it really matter if it doesn’t makes sense? All I care about is that my life will be powerful, overcoming, dynamic and world-changing. I am not looking to go with the flow. I am not looking to fit in. I am not looking to make sense to others.


Recently our family was faced with a major decision. One of my daughters was offered a job in Kenya. This country is considered the second most dangerous country in the world. As soon as the word got out well-intentioned friends and family began the barrage of texts and emails about the horrible dangers facing her. Fear began to overtake me. What kind of parent was I to encourage my daughter to go into such an unsafe place? Didn’t I have any common sense? What if she was killed or abducted? The fear was now tormenting.

I awoke at 4 am to hear from God. I sat quietly in the bathroom longing to hear what He had to say about this situation. This is what He spoke:

“You have been under a demonic spirit of fear – this is not of me. This is not prudence – this is demonic – it has transferred from others onto you. If your daughter is not supposed to go to Africa I am big enough to stop her. If there are no roadblocks and she goes she will be protected and have an amazing adventure. You cannot allow ANY fear in your life – you must resist it at all costs or you will drive a wedge between you and me,  a wedge between you and faith, a wedge between you and your destiny – RESIST!”

I sat quietly listening for a very long time. I noticed tiny ants crawling on the floor.  They crawled across the tile, under the cabinet, over the tile and under the bath mat. One by one they traversed the floor. The Lord spoke:

“Fear is like an ant. Let one in and the next thing you know you have an infestation. Stop the tiniest fear, no matter how logical is seems. Stop it before it overtakes you.”


That morning I was once again filled with peace. My faith level rose. Once again I knew that I had been duped by the devil – he had put this fear on me through “logical reasons.”

How do you fight fear when the fear seems so real? You put on the Armor of God and resist fear with all that you have within you. You place boundaries on your eyes and ears. REFUSE to listen to the negative talk, the fearful conversations, the news reports that incite dread, the magazines that fill your mind with worries – only listen to God’s Word:


FEAR is like an ANT

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