Does God’s Will SCARE You? It Shouldn’t.


Do you profess to love God yet fear His will? So many times in my walk with the Lord I have been fearful to hear or to know what God’s will is. Often I prayed meekly “Not my will but thine….” as I put my hands over my head waiting for the sky to fall. Why do we say we love the Lord, serve Him and worship Him yet we fear His will for us?

As we journey with the Lord we face long periods of sorrows. Life doesn’t often turn out the way we plan. We experience pain, heartache, disappointment and even despair. Where is the life of abundance? Where is that river of life? Where is the joy that comes in the morning? So often our faith is eroded. We hoped, we prayed, we believed with all our heart, yet our prayer was not answered. When this happens one too many times we often become disillusioned with God. We slowly become frightened of His will. “If this is love then what is God’s wrath?”

In Phillip Keller’s book A Layman Looks at the Lord’s prayer Phillip invites us to look intimately into the personality of God. He tells us “Our Heavenly Father has emotions. He feels. He senses. ‘For God so loved the world.’ He is touched with the feelings of  our infirmities.'” We are reminded of the gentle, caring Father who deeply loves His children – so much so that He allowed His son Jesus to suffer the wrath which should have been ours. God exemplifies the perfect, loving, protective Father.

file0001788017774One reason we fear God is because when we hear the word “Father” we think of our own father. Here is the way you need to think of your heavenly Father. Any qualities of your earthly father that were hurtful or negative, your Heavenly Father is just the opposite. If your earthly father was cruel, your heavenly Father is kind. If your earthly Father was quick to anger and abusive, your Heavenly Father is very patient and kind.  If  you remember your earthly father as fun and humorous, so is your Heavenly Father. If your earthly father was giving and generous, so is your Heavenly Father.

Understanding the character of God is important to trust. We trust what we understand. We fear what we do not understand. So often the Heavenly Father is misunderstood, He seems to be a far-a-way creator who is diabolically overseeing the universe and how things run. That is scary. Jesus said “If you have seen me you have seen the Father.” Jn. 14:9  Think of all the humble, gracious, loving, tender, thoughtful acts of Jesus. This was the exact character and personality of the Father – beautiful and gracious.


If God is loving then His will is loving. If God is kind then His will is kind. If God is generous then His will is generous. If God is reasonable then His will is reasonable. If God is compassionate then His will is compassionate. 

Beloved, there is no longer any reason to fear the will of God. God has the best for you. God desires the best for you. Right now say this out loud –“God has the best for me. God desires the best for me.”  Say this out loud first thing in the morning and all day long. Say it when you begin to doubt God’s goodness, say it when you begin to fear the future. Remind yourself that you have a loving Heavenly Father that only desires the best for you and who will stop at nothing to bring what’s best for you into your life.


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