Why I Sleep with a STONE under my Pillow


I have been living in a time of stress and sorrows – heartaches, disappointments and concerns. I do not want these life matters to cause me to questions God’s faithfulness. I do not want to doubt God. I do not want to fear. I want to live through this time with hope, power and victory. Yet when the chaos around me was about to overwhelm me I knew that I needed to remind myself of WHO God is and what His Word says.

The name of God which kept coming to my mind was ROCK. Psalm 18:2 says “The Lord is my rock.” What does this mean to me? When everything around me is fragile and falling apart I stand on the deepest element of the earth’s core on which all humanity lives – a deep layer of rock. This rock is the bedrock of all life as we know it. Take away this rock and life is extinguished. Without this foundation no human can survive. This is my God. This is my rock.

As I meditated on this I knew that I needed to have a very real presence of Christ with me as I sleep. I needed to put a small stone under my pillow to represent the very real, loving, steadfast presence of Christ. I found a small black stone and placed it under my pillow. When fear, worry or anxiety would try to grip me I would smile and remind myself that my Lord and Saviour is upholding me, beneath me, around me, filling me, consuming me. Each night that I have done this I have found supernatural peace, sweet dreams and a greater victory.

I am still in the midst of many trials but I walk in faith not fear. I have great peace. Jesus is my eternal rock, dependable, sure, steadfast and immovable. While I sleep He watches over me and my loved ones. He is my beloved Rock.

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