Catholic Prayer to Fight Homosexuality


Dear Lord of the Heavens and Earth. I now come to you in great need. I am in temptation of homosexuality. I ask that you would help me to fight this battle. I now acknowledge that homosexuality is a great sin. I acknowledge that this sin could cost me eternal salvation. I ask that you would begin to heal the wounds in my heart which opened my life up to this type of lifestyle. Help me to know that you are a Healing God and desire for all your children to live in the peace and power that you paid a great price for at Calvary.

I now take authority over these wrong thoughts of homosexuality. I choose to confess that each time I am tempted I will rebuke these wrong thoughts. Satan you are the father of homosexuality. I now command that you leave my mind, my body and my emotions. You have no power over me.  I now confess that I have a sound mind. Each time the temptation comes to have these wrong lusts I will rebuke the wrong thought and choose to take on a Holy thought.

In the Mighty power of Jesus I break all soul-ties between me and all homosexual lovers. I renounce the ties these people would try to put on my life. Dear Lord, I now ask forgiveness for all homosexual activity, present and past. Your Holy Bible tells us that when we confess our sins we are washed whiter than snow. I now thank you for your great forgiving power. Give me the power to not turn back to this sin. Help me to remember your bible says that apart from you we can do nothing. I now ask for the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit to fill me and help me to fight this battle. I ask all this in Jesus’ Holy name.   amen

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