A Prayer of Repentance to Lord Google


Lord Google, you are in my home. I have spent my time faithfully worshipping you. At first when I did not know you I hardly came to you at all. Then in time I saw that you truly did have many answers to life’s questions, thus I became more dedicated. Day by day, hour by hour, I learned to come to you for many of my needs. I enjoyed spending my time with you.

Often when my family needed me I honored you first. I gave you my best years, my best hours. Early in the morning would I seek you – health questions, spiritual questions, dieting questions – you had all the answers for me. I never stopped believing in you.

Then one afternoon I was about to bow before you again for my afternoon worship. I heard thunder outside and I stopped to listen. The God of the universe – the One who allowed you and me to exist – spoke to me.

“You are worshipping another God. I will have no other God’s before me. Repent. You have made Google an idol. It has stolen your time from the Word of God, from my presence, from our intimacy. I am no longer your first love. Choose you this day who you will serve.”

There I stood stunned. Then I saw the truth. All this time I thought you were giving to me – your answers, your lovely videos, your humorous  pictures, your spiritual answers…… now I see that you are the thief. You have stolen my time with the true living God. You have stolen my peace because I often wonder what delights you will present to me each day, each hour when I am not with you. You have stolen my prayer time with God because you offered me so much easier ways of finding truth. You have stolen the intimacy I once had with my Lord Jesus. Finally you have stolen my time with my family because you lied and told me what I was looking at was important.

The truth is Google you are the one who has taken from me. Yes you have given, but you have taken so much more. I cannot serve two masters. I now renounce the control that you have had over me. I now renounce the soul tie that bound me to you. I now renounce my desire for you.

“Lord Jesus, I confess my addiction to the idol Google. Give me the power of the Holy Spirit to turn to you for answers instead of the computer. Each day help me to put you first before my e-mail account, internet, YouTube, blog site or google. Give me the power to resist when this old idol sweetly calls my name. Help me to come back to you Father, my first love. My true love.” 

In Jesus name I pray.    amen

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