The Healing Power of Quiet


Michael and I just returned from spending a few days on Mackinac Island, Michigan. Before we left I was tired, nervous, tense and worn out. God did such a great work on the island that I now feel rejuvenated, refreshed, energized and invigorated. What happened on the island you may ask? We once again found stillness.

Mackinac Island is a little sliver of land located off the northern tip of Michigan. It is one of the few places in the world where no cars are allowed – only horses. There is no beeping of horns, no busy traffic, no yelling, no hectic roads – just a calm, peaceful environment.


Because we travel there in the fall the weather is very cool. The leaves are beginning to fall and colors are beginning to change. The same sound awakens me each morning – the quiet clip-clop of horses slowly beginning their days work. How healing to be awakened by such a beautiful sound. How we begin our day affects us all day long.

How do you begin your day? If it’s hectic, loud and fast paced change it. Find a peaceful way to awaken each morning. Be creative. Ask the Lord to show you a beautiful way to awaken so that you don’t start your day stressed but in a state of peace. Make it happen.

Silence is healing. We try to make it to Mackinac every fall when the throng of summer tourists dies down to a small handful of visitors. Since there are no cars on the island it brings the noise level way down. We live in a world where noise is normal. We go to this beautiful island because of the slow pace, the quiet, the peacefulness and the rest. There is healing in quiet.

God’s Word tells us over and over to be still. Proverbs 14 tells us “A tranquil heart is life to the body.” Are you tired? Are you worn out? Do you feel hopeless? Do you feel overwhelmed with life? Do you feel stressed? You need tranquility. There is something very powerful about silence. It soothes the soul, it ministers rest to our weary, overworked minds, it lets our spirits breathe again.


You may not be able to get to Mackinac, but you can spend a day in quiet. Shut off the computer, the TV, the phone and any outside connections to the world. Light a candle. Light several. This light represents God’s presence. As you go about your chores and your work let the silence fill your soul. Let it wash you in peace. Let God’s healing presence fill your innermost being. Let the silence restore you.

Our world is full of ugly, mean, hectic, nervous, agitated people who hurt others. When we find calm and tranquility we are on our way to healing – not only for ourselves, but for our world.


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