We are an Addictive People

The bible tells us “ALL THINGS IN MODERATION.”

As modern people who have access to almost anything we want, it is difficult to have moderation.  To start each new year I always go on some kind of fast.

This year I did a month of no t.v., movies, red meat, alcohol or sugar.  It was a wonderful time of solitude and prayer.  After that month I  resolved  to not watch any television in my home.  I was feeling very spiritual. Then we discovered netflicks and I found that I can watch all the clean movies I want. The addiction began. I couldn’t stop watching documentaries and old classics.


I have a Christian friend who loves to have wine with dinner. That’s fine – All things in moderation. But she can’t stop at one glass or two, she drinks half the bottle.  I see her young daughters following in the same pattern.

I have never cared much for material possessions.  I was so proud of myself. Then my daughters took me shopping several times to snazz up my wardrobe.  I bought several pair of nice shoes. They made me feel so good about myself.  I began shopping by myself. Little by little something began to happen. I kept buying shoes!  First it was one pair at a time, then it was two or three pairs at a time. By the end of a year I began to realize I had an ADDICTION.  

Why are so many of us like that? Why does something that starts out so innocent end up being an addiction?  I believe some of the main roots of addictions are insecurity, wounds of the heart and emptiness.  ADDICTIONS DO SOMETHING FOR US – ALTHOUGH IT IS  ONLY TEMPORARY.

It took me a while to realize what was happening.  I began to pray and ask the Lord to fill in those areas of my insecurities and help me to be satisfied with what I had. Addictions don’t leave overnight.  

SATAN LOVES YOU TO BE ADDICTED TO SOMETHING whether it’s pornography, TV, shoes, food or liquor – HE DOESN’T CARE – as long as you are addicted to something. You see, every time you have an addiction in your life, that is one more area that GOD CAN’T BE LORD OF.  Each small part of our heart and our minds that is given over to an addiction is another stronghold that Satan can use, however small it may be.

What thing in your life can you not do without?

If God were to ask you to permanently give it up, could you? WHO REALLY OWNS YOUR HEART AND MIND?

“Dear Lord, begin to show me the addictions in my life, the things that I feel that I cannot do without.  Give me the strength and the courage to resist the addictions and  receive the healing and love I need from you to fill that void in my life.” In Jesus name we pray.  amen.   Be free.

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