Courage to NOT give into Adultery

We may know the right thing to do, but we must pray for the COURAGE to do it. God has put within each person a conscience, the ability to have a “gut feeling” about what is right or wrong.  The more we listen, the more attune we become. The less we listen the more hard-hearted we become. Those who continue to stop their ears against the voice of God always end up in sin and making very poor choices.

Poor choices always cause us and those we love great misery and pain along with great consequences.  We must not put ourselves in a position that would tempt us to do the wrong thing.


A married man was on his return flight home after a long business trip. Seated next to him was a beautiful woman.  As they conversed he found her to be intelligent, gracious and talented.  He was stunned to find that they had so much in common. After several hours of talking he couldn’t take his eyes off her.  She smelled good, looked good and was a dream come true.  As they de-boarded the plane she invited him to her apartment so they could “continue their conversation.” With all the strength left within in him he pulled out a picture of his wife and children. He showed it to her.

“I love my family and couldn’t do this to them.”

HE KNEW ADULTERY WAS WRONG. He knew all along what the right thing to do was. He was just praying for the courage to do it. They both went their separate ways.

You have a moral responsibility to do what is right.  Why? Because one day you will give account for all your actions.

“Dear Lord, each day, each hour show us the right thing to do – then give us the COURAGE to do it.” In Jesus name we pray.  amen.

One thought on “Courage to NOT give into Adultery

  1. Cheating on your spouse is always wrong -Then again so is murder. Although in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus pretty much points out how guilty we are when we even look at someone. “Everybody’s doing it” – Doesn’t justify it. “We are forgiven” and “It’s only sin if it’s intentionally done to harm someone’s well-being” – is still sin and no excuse. Even if two people are consenting – their spouses are being harmed emotionally when they eventually find out.

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