How God set ME Free From Gluttony

I loved food – any kind, any time, anywhere.  I didn’t realize it at the time but food anesthetized my pain.  Growing up in an abusive home I had no one to share my pain with. It is too embarrassing for a teenager to pour their guts out to their friends when everyone else’s life seems so perfect.  I ate away my pain, my sorrow, my heartache. I was often depressed and suicidal.

Food always made me feel better.

file0007569642 Did I get fat? You betcha. I struggled with obesity for many years.  I could lose weight by sheer will – but gluttony never left me.  The intense desire for food was always there.  It was in college that I realized I could eat the entire world and nothing would satisfy me.  I knew I had problems. 

Then in 1979 I committed my life to Christ.  I found the lover of my soul.  I knew then that I would be set free from this ADDICTION.

I was up every morning at 4 am to read the bible and pray.  I often fasted.  I cried out to God to set me free.  Nothing changed. I loved food more than ever.  I longed to be set free. Then it happened.  I came to my pastor and his wife for deliverance.  They laid hands on me and demanded in the name of Jesus that the spirit of GLUTTONY leave. (How to Cast Out a Demon and Be Set Free )

I had never had anyone pray with me with such power and authority. Then something amazing happened.  Within days I noticed that I no longer thought about food.  I would forget to eat meals.  I felt at peace – content.  I truly felt set free.  

Since that time I have never again struggled with food in that same way. Sure I love to eat, but I control my appetite – it no longer controls me.  I recently went on a 3 day liquid fast – it was quite easy.  I was even amazed.  Let me tell you the secret I discovered  – “It’s not by power nor by might but by my SPIRIT says the Lord.”

If you are a Believer – then you have that same authority. Put on the Armor of God and take authority over Gluttony. You tell it that it will no longer control  you. You determine that you will not allow that thing to have power over you. Then you take on self-control. You determine that the power of God within you is greater than any control food is trying to have over you.

You have the power – you just didn’t know it.

5 thoughts on “How God set ME Free From Gluttony

    • Lisa, deliverance can be very simple if you know what you are doing. If you aren’t comfortable with it, find an anointed deliverance minister – you can even do this over the phone. Lisa, you need inner healing. Read all my posts on The Balm of Gilead – bring yourself through inner healing before you attempt any further deliverance.

  1. Please pray for me for deliverance from gluttony. Been trying to loose weight,will loose some and gain it back. I am now in the menapause and it seems more difficult. I pray and try fasting but find it hard.

  2. Please pray for me I’m struggling with gluttony so bad. I have been delivered before but it came back. I’m praying so much to be delivered , but I’m giving into my flesh

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