Murder occurs every Halloween night across the globe. Halloween is a high Satanic Holiday It is one night of the year which requires human blood. Many babies will be sacrificed and offered up to Satan. It is horrible night of sorrow, torture, agony and horrors. This is not a fun night to celebrate. It is one of mourning and death. Precious babies across the globe will die a slow, torturous death. How do I know? I have spoken to many who formerly were involved with these heinous acts. 


On Halloween I fast. I fast that the mothers of these babies, called “carriers”, will have the strength to flee and escape from the Satanists. I pray that a heavy fog of confusion will descend upon the Satanists groups about to meet. I pray for foul weather to disrupt their outdoor services. I pray that the power of God’s love and mercy will descend upon these Satanists and that they will turn from their evil ways. I pray for the many babies who will be murdered that night.

On Halloween many families and children will be about the streets collecting candy and celebrating. I will be crying out to God that one small child’s life might be spared. When neighborhoods are partying I will be on my knees interceding for the abused teens who are forced to give up their precious children for these high satanic rituals. While it will seem like a fun, festive night in small towns across America, a handful of us will ask God to send His angels to lead these terrified, young mothers to safety.

Outwardly,  Halloween appears as just a fun night of festivities. It is a night of murder. It is a night of bloodshed. It is a night of evil.


I am looking for Christian Warriors who will fast with me on October 31st. Fast one meal, fast TV, fast radio, fast sugar – just fast. Will you join me? Will you help stop this evil that perpetrates our land? 



Halloween is an evil night. But together we can fight the forces of darkness and overcome by the power Jesus has given us.


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