How Satan Provokes Christian Men to Commit Adultery

Last night I had a dream.  I was speaking to a Christian man. As I spoke to him God began to reveal to me that Satan was about to tempt this man into adultery. Satan was about to place a beautiful, talented, intelligent woman right in front of this mans path. She would be the type of woman men dream about. This temptation would be so strong that he would not be able to resist it – unless he fought it with all his spiritual might. Satan had just the right woman picked out for this Christian man. She was hand-picked.


As I saw all this I began telling this perplexed man how serious the situation was. He seemed in disbelief – “Me, a strong Christian, commit adultery? That’s not possible!”

I began to yell at him. “This will cost you your very soul! You will burn in hell!  You must fight this with every spiritual tool God has given you! You must resist with all your might!”

Just then his cute wife walked over. “What are you guys talking about?”

When I awoke God said “Warn Christian men of the subtle, devious plan that Satan has for each Christian man! They think it could never happen to them – but for many it will. Warn them!”

Men, Satan knows you better than you know yourself. He’s been around a lot longer. He has studied mankind since the beginning of creation. If you think you could never fall into temptation – you are sadly mistaken. Great men of God have fallen into adultery because their pride made them think that they were bigger than Satan’s temptations.  Satan’s Got Your Line and he is in no rush – he will just wait until you take the bait.

I want to ask you how you are resisting Satan on a daily basis? What spiritual tools are you using? Are you putting on your Spiritual Armor each day?  Are you praying with other men who can keep you accountable? Who do you call when you are being tempted? Do you run from even the appearance of evil?

Wake up men. Your adversary goes about like a beautiful woman in a red dress and high heels – and she is looking very good.

Several years ago I heard a Christian man speak of an incident that changed his life. He was on a commercial flight. When the flight attendant began to serve everyone lunch the man next to him only asked for juice.

“Oh” he asked the man. “Are you a Christian that is fasting?
“No.” the man replied. “I am a Satanist fasting for the breakup of Christian marriages in America.”


“Lord, give my brother the strength and courage to run from this adulterous situation. I pull down this demonic spirit of ADULTERY that is trying to temp him into sinning. He will not give in, he will not give up. I stand with him in prayer that he WILL PREVAIL.  Satan get your hands  off my brother now in Jesus name. I cover him under the blood of Jesus. Your powers are now broken – in Jesus name.” amen

5 thoughts on “How Satan Provokes Christian Men to Commit Adultery

  1. I would like 2 add, not just men are struggling with adultery, but women are 2 & need help very bad, because Satan is here tearing up the homes/families 😦

    • So true Patti, we live in a society that tells us ‘adultery is acceptable’ as long as YOU are happy. We must fast and pray for marriages to remain strong and grounded in Christ. Thanks for writing.

  2. Adultery is a subject that must be frequently revisited by Christian men. We must understand the Biblical definition of adultery. Also, we must understand we are fallible, broken, and EASILY manipulated by the evil one, Finally, we must always be in touch with our goal of serving and loving our wife. I have addressed the ammunition of having a proactive approach to our marriage which, if solid and healthy, will help ward off the evil one. He hates our marital success. see: The Eternal Circle

    Thanks and God bless

    Rick Stassi

  3. Jackie,
    I’m in agreement with your recommendations when temptations strike: to pray with others, have ingrained spiritual disciplines in advance and run from the appearance of evil, but I’m not sure that you’ve answered the question of WHY men commit adultery. It isn’t just PRIDE and SATAN. And this isn’t just about MEN, WOMEN commit adultery too as only I can attest.

    A few years ago a friend had an affair. He was attending a weekly men’s bible study with friends he’d known for years. When I asked him why he didn’t share his temptations with his group for support beforehand he said, “Are you kidding? They would have tried to talk me out of it!”

    I heard a great sermon preached this morning by Rev. Malone Gilliam at St. George’s Episcopal Church here in Nashville on John 6:31-47. Jesus was instructing that it isn’t good enough to just obey the Law (of Moses), you have to know Christ. It won’t work if we just keep thinking that we need to try harder to avoid temptation and not commit adultery. We shouldn’t think that if we just share with our Bible Study group we’ll be successful in thwarting Satan. I’m afraid your post does make it sound like we as humans can resist the clutches of SATAN. We are NEVER going to be able to succeed against Satan if we keep relying on ourselves with more disciplines and more support groups. We need to take a whole different approach and go to Jesus for his grace and mercy and His POWER. It’s not good enough to just read Scripture and pray, we have to go to Him and call upon Him. We can’t overcome Satan alone.

    Paul makes it pretty clear in 2 Corinthians 3:5: “Not that we are sufficient in ourselves to claim anything as coming from us, but our sufficiency is from God, who has made us competent to be “ministers of a new covenant, not of the letter but of the Spirit. For the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.”

    Let’s not turn to each other when tempted; instead, let’s turn to God through his Son, Jesus.
    Thanks for the post.

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