Sometimes Angels Come at Night

Sometimes angels come at night, in our dreams.  My experience with angels came in the year 2003.  We had moved into a house that was 150 years old.  There had been many families which had lived in the house.  Upon moving into the old farm-house we were told by neighbors that at one point there had been a lot of occult activity.   Though we didn’t pay a lot of attention to the gossip, we did find strange things happening in the house.


One night my 14-year-old daughter came running into our room.  It was about 2 a.m. and I was awoken by Nicky’s terrified, breathless voice “Mom, I was asleep and I was awoken by footsteps outside my bedroom, in the hall.” “Are you sure it’s not mice?” “No, it sounds like someone is walking in my room!” “It’s probably mice, but I’ll come to bed with you if that’ll make you feel better.” 

We walked past her sister’s bedroom, down the hall and laid down in Nicky’s bed.  Within minutes Nicky was asleep.  I laid there listening for any unusual noises.  Then I heard it, a loud noise, someone was walking outside the bedroom, in the hall.  It was not mice.  I prayed, yet the walking, the pacing, continued. My heart was pounding in my chest.   I fell asleep praying.

Another time a friend of ours was watching the house.  It was after midnight and John was upstairs in bed.  As he began to fall asleep he began to hear voices, many voices.  It sounded as though there were dozens of people downstairs and they were all talking.  It terrified him. As he began to pray and take authority in Jesus name everything became still and he fell fast asleep.  My husband, Michael said whenever he was home alone he would always hear music playing.  We never knew when these frightening occurrences would happen. Although they happened randomly, after several years of these strange occurrences, they still took us off guard and never ceased to frighten us.

It was the fall of 2003.  We had gone to bed late that November night.  We were all in a dead sleep when I heard pounding at the back door.  Startled out of my sleep I looked at the clock, 3 a..m. .  The knocking continued slowly, methodically. I was terrified.   I knew at that moment that no one was at the door, at least no one that I would be able to see.   I began to pray “Lord, we need your protection.  I ask that you send your angels.  Keep us safe from the things we cannot see.”  Finally I fell into a deep sleep.

Then, I had the clearest dream.  In my dream it was night and I had just heard the pounding.  I got up from my bed and walked across the hall into Nicky’s room.  Nicky was sound asleep.  I stood at the window and prayed “Lord, send your angels to protect us.”  As I stood at the window I looked up into the sky.  The stars were supernaturally brilliant.  Each star was clear and radiating a beautiful glow. I was mesmerized by them. I threw open the window.  I looked down at the road in front of our house.  A small utility car with a flashing, yellow light was slowly driving by. A few yards ahead a man with a white uniform was picking up garbage from the yards. He was using a stick with a blade at the end. “How strange” I thought.  “County road workers never work in the middle of the night!” Yet as I watched the worker continued down the street with the utility truck following at a slow pace. A quiet peace flooded my heart yet I kept looking and watching for the angels I had prayed for.  Disappointed and hurt at not seeing any angels, I turned to go back to my bed.

As I went into my bed I felt angry.  I prayed “Lord, I asked you to send angles to protect us and you didn’t answer my prayers.”  At that very moment God spoke to my heart and said “I did send them, you just didn’t recognize them because I often send them to look like street sweepers, utility workers or others around you.  Your guardian angels are all around you while you are usually unaware.” “Of course” I realized, “Street Cleaners don’t work in the middle of the night – those were angels!” Upon awakening, I realized that God had heard my prayers and his angels had been sent.  I saw that angels in disguise are often sent to blend in with our environment.  We just need to trust that they are always around us. 

After that dream, we never had any strange happenings in our home again.  And each time a utility truck passed our home I smiled knowing that it just might be an angel sent out to keep and eye on God’s people.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes Angels Come at Night

  1. Hebrews 13:2 talks about entertaining angels unaware. About 3 years ago I was about $22,000 in credit card debt on three credit cards. I had been paying only the minimum amount required and one day, I got a bill in the mail for one of the cards. The previous month it was $350, but this time it was over $1,000. I was scared to put it mildly. There was no way I could pay it, and I didn’t know what I was going to do. So, I turned it over to God and asked Him for His guidance. The next day, while watching TV, a commercial came on. A very happy man and woman started to talk. They said, “Are you so overwhelmed by credit card debt that you don’t know what to do?” Well, that got my attention really quick. They continued by saying, “…If so, we have the solution for you. Call Christian Credit Counseling Services at, …”. So, I jotted down the number and called ASAP. I had never heard of this service before and was very skeptical. A very nice man answered the phone, so I explained the predicament I was in. He assured me that CCCS could help by getting almost all of the high interest rates taken off AND I could have it paid off in about 4 years. He got me on the program, but first I had to promise that I would never use these 3 cards again or I would be taken off the program immediately and then I would be on my own again. So, of course I made the promise. He then asked me how I heard about CCCS. I told him that I saw a commercial on TV, jotted the number down, & called. He was quiet for a few moments and said, “That’s impossible!”. I assured him that I was telling the truth. Then, he said “We don’t have any commercials going out right now”. I was confused because I know what I saw on TV. I told him that that commercial was the first time that I had ever heard of CCCS and that I don’t even have internet access at home. Then, he started to laugh. He said, “Girl, don’t you realize that you’ve just witnessed a miracle?”

    So evidently, the man and woman I had seen on the commercial that day were angels sent to rescue me from my credit card debt. I am well on my way to being credit card debt free because my balance is under $7000. God is so good!

    • Tammy, that is beautiful! You have an amazing testimony that needs to be heard. You are anointed. I encourage you to share Christ with all whom you meet. Don’t worry about their response, all you need to do is obey. You have a Divine Destiny and it is to proclaim God’s power and goodness. Win souls for Christ! Blessings beloved.

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