Why I am no longer an Evangelist

For many years now I have been preaching. I have always loved to preach and felt that this was Gods will for my life. In the last few years I have been frustrated with the fact that I have had fewer and fewer opportunities to preach. I would fast, I would pray, I would cry out to God. Nothing would happen. Then God spoke to me in a dream. Here is what happened.


I am in a church. A girlfriend of mine is ministering before the church. She calls me forward. She has a pile of Oreo cookies next to her. She begins to speak God’s Word over me saying “You… think… that… you… are….called to… preach…. to many….” as she is speaking she is piling the oreos into my mouth, stacked one upon the other. My mouth is full. Then she begins to pull all the white fluff out and say “But God says…..” then she begins to pull out all the black wafers until only one is left in my mouth. “….. your ministry is one person at a time.”

It is then that I realize I was chasing something that was not for me. It was only for a season. I needed God to use a wonderful friend to lovingly tells me that I needed to stop praying for something that was not His will. When she began to pull all the fluff out it meant that when I speak to people I get straight to the point. I don’t beat around the bush. I tell it like it is.

That dream set me free. I have greater peace and joy. I was chasing what I thought was God’s will, but it wasn’t, it was my dream, not God’s.

Are you sure you are doing God’s will or is it just what you think you are supposed to be doing?

Are you going to a church where you feel called to be or is this just a convenient place to attend?

Are you spending time with people who are Godly and who build you up or are you just hanging out with whoever is around?

Are you living in moral excellence as the Word of God tells us to or are you living a luke warm life?

One day you and I will give account of all of our actions. God will ask us “Did you fulfill your divine destiny?” How will you answer?

Finding God’s will for you life isn’t easy. This is why we fast and pray. He tells us that if we seek Him with all of our heart He will be found by us. It takes time, energy and fortitude. Few are willing to give all they have to follow God. Are you?

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