I drove past their house last night and felt that seething bitterness. They had hurt me. Their driveway was full of cars.  There were cars parked on the road.  Their house was full of people and I was not a part of their group. I replayed what they had done to me and my family.  After a few minutes I quieted my mind and heart.  I put on some jazz music and prayed.  “Lord, I cannot forgive them but I allow you to forgive them through me.  I command this bitterness to leave me now.” I was filled with a tremendous sense of peace. My joy returned. I felt lighter.

“Beware that a root of BITTERNESS doesn’t spring up within you causing trouble and by it many be defiled.” Heb. 12:15

A root of bitterness comes when we allow hurt and disappointment to grow and fester.  Bitterness is that resentment that is still being held onto.  Bitterness brings with it  jealousy, dissension and sin. It always stops the move of God in your life.


The root of bitterness is demonic. If Satan can get you and me to remember past hurts and offenses then we are open game for resentment and bitterness. Bitterness is like a tiny shoot of a weed that you ignore and put up with until you look and your whole yard is covered in dandelions.

Bitterness is infectious. That is why we are warned against it. You spread your bitterness by your actions, words and responses.  Ultimately bitterness leads to  SEETHING ANGER, CYNICISM, SARCASM and UGLY BEHAVIOR. These lead to sin. Sin hinders our prayers from being answered. It hinders our relationship with God.

The first thing you want to do is pray Lord show me if I have any bitterness in my heart.” Then confess it as sin. 

Next, ask the Lord to heal your heart and mind of that wound – see Balm of Gilead

Finally, each time that root springs up, recognize it and  say “God is healing my heart therefore I will not allow a root of bitterness to come back in.” It may take praying this many times before you feel that ugly feeling leaving your heart.  Once you are free you can always be aware each time it tries to come back on you.13829094288z3da

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