As I Overcome Physically – I Overcome Spiritually


It is the month of December and it has been cold out. Although it is only 14 degrees I know that I need to be out running. I put on my insulated running pants, several layers of shirts and my running shoes. Because it is now drizzling I add a rain jacket and winter cap to my attire. I am ready to run a few miles and become a stronger person.

I don’t run because I want to, I run because I have to. It’s the same with swimming and biking. I have to become physically stronger.

I am now 55 years old. I have been athletic all my life. It was only about a year ago that I realized how empowered I am when I am physically stronger. I believe the thought became real when a girlfriend and I decided to enter a 75 mile bike event. I spent 8 hours finishing the event. I was in a lot of pain and discomfort. Because I have injured my back several times the back pain started back up after about mile 40. The pain was almost unbearable. I could not talk as we rode the last 20 miles, it was too painful. But I finished and I found myself very empowered. Next time we enter it will be for 100 miles.

It was the next day that I noticed I was more confident, more self-assured, more determined. I found myself standing up to situations that would normally knock me down. I found over the course of the following weeks that I was more energetic, more determined, more  youthful and more tenacious. Yes, something changes when you determine to overcome – you become an overcomer.

EVERYTHING YOU OVERCOMEfile7181246658499 PHYSICALLY EMPOWERS YOU SPIRITUALLY. You cannot disconnect the physical from the spiritual, they are tied. What you do to one affects the other. I find that when I don’t have goals to achieve, miles to run or a hill to challenge me, I become weak. Weak Christians don’t do well. Weak Christians get run over by Satan. Weak Christians become spiritually fat, there is a lot of weight but no power.

When I have reached a goal I set another. I believe that I will be setting goals until I die. It is very satisfying to see a goal that you never thought you could accomplish finally become reality.

When someone doesn’t exert muscle strength the muscles become soft and weak. This is how it works in the physical as well as the spiritual. The Word of God tells us to “resist the devil and he will flee from you.” Resistance takes energy, power, determination, strength, tenacity, fortitude and gumption. I find that a majority of Christians do not resist, they give in and give up – give in to worry, fear, anxiety, doubt, insecurities, rejection, hopelessness, despair, depression – you name it –  many believers have stopped resisting or never knew how to start.

Where is your body at physically? What are you doing to challenge yourself this next month, this next year? What are physical and spiritual goals you can work towards accomplishing?   Are you really satisfied with how you look? Are you satisfied where you are spiritually? Can you truly say you are an overcomer?

 Here is your homework assignment:

1) Determine to push yourself physically beyond what you thought you could do.

2) Write down 5 goals you would like to accomplish in the next 2 years, say each out loud daily.

3) Speak the Armor of God out loud daily with determination

4) If you are overweight make it your goal to at least lose 5 pounds.

5) Stop eating wrong foods. Don’t eat any foods with preservatives, chemicals or names you don’t know. Eat clean. Eat dark green leafy vegetables at least twice a day. Get off the white breads, white sugar and all sodas.

6) Start doing some form of running, biking or other cardiovascular exercise at least 5 days a week. I believe getting out in the elements is healthier compared to a gym. It changes your mind and helps you to overcome the elements. It’s Godly. It’s inspiring. It’s powerful. Save the gym for snow days.

“Dear Lord, I pray for my friend. Give them gumption, tenacity and drive. Don’t let them become soft. Put a fire of passion back into their life. Spur them on to achieve more, overcome more and resist more. Cause them to be the powerful, overcoming man or woman of God they were created to be.”  In Jesus name we pray.  amen

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