A Thought and Prayer for Sadness at Christmas


Christmas can be one of the saddest times of the year. In our Emotional Support Group we have several parents whose children have committed suicide. We have people whose spouse died this year. There are those who have lost their jobs. One young man has a chronic disease. Another woman lost her father and is now suffering through a divorce.  One young lady who used to attend is now in prison. Christmas can often be the saddest time of the year.

138824558454wcfWhat can you do? How do you rejoice when you are hurting? Where can you turn when you do not feel joy but pain and agony? We turn to hope itself. We turn to the one who came for the hopeless, the hurting, the grieving, the desperate – we turn to Christ.

 When a small child was born in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago He came to bear the heartaches of the world. He came to give us hope. He did not come to take away the difficulties of life but to hold our hand through them. He came so that we might believe that He is the king of kings and lord of lords, no matter what we have experienced, no matter what we are going through.                                      

A star directed men to baby Jesus. That star is still there. It lies quietly waiting, shining, burning, for those who seek. The star that once lit up the heavens now comes burning into your heart. It comes to bring you the light in your darkness, healing in your heartache, love in your loneliness. 

May this Christmas find you. May Christ, the only reason for Christmas come into your heart, fill it, envelop it, su1386895753abm95rround it and may you experience the knowledge that He is right here, right now, waiting to hold you in His arms of love and remind you that in His presence there is peace.

Before you say this prayer out loud I would ask that you find a quiet place and light a candle. Sit quietly for several minutes before you say this prayer. Take several deep breaths. Each time you feel pain, say the prayer once again.

“Dear Lord, I pray for your beloved. May they know how very much you love them. Let them know that you are holding their hand during this difficult time. Let this Christmas not be a time for them to compare themselves to what others have, but to know that you can make them complete right where they are. Precious Jesus, heal the hurts, mend the wounds, fill the loneliness. Let my friend know that Christmas is not about presents, trees or food – it is only about worshipping Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. May your beloved once again find the star of hope and healing on this beautiful Christmas.”    In Jesus name.  amen



4 thoughts on “A Thought and Prayer for Sadness at Christmas

  1. Your online ministry really helped me earlier last year when my husband began an affair and abdonned our family. By the end of 2014 I lost our first born son in a tragic car accident, I miscarried my unborn child and my husband has filed for divorce and reconciled with his mistress. You prayers have truly guided me even when I didn’t know what to say or didn’t feel like praying. Thank you woman of God. In the end I know I have Christ and thanks for the daily reminder. Praise God and bless you my love.

    • Wow, you have had a really rough year – yet in the midst of it all Christ was there for you. He is your Husband, your maker, the Lover of your Soul. May you find much joy and grace in your journey. Blessings beloved.

  2. Jackie,
    very beautiful expression of the need for remembrance but also gratitude for this season of waiting and anticipation. It is only when we rely on Jesus that healing can come. Thanks for sharing the wisdom through your writing and Center. Merry Christmas!

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