Love Blessing for 2015


This year my prayer is that you will know how very much God loves you. God sees all that you do. God knows all that you do. He is aware of every sin, every temptation and every shortcoming that you have, yet He still loves you passionately. He is the ever-loving Father. He is not temperamental like an earthly father; no, His love is steadfast, stable, never-changing, always growing. His love for you is strong.

God spends His days trying to convince you of His love. Too often we fall, we sin and we walk in fear and shame. All we need to do is turn from our sin, repent and accept God’s complete and total love and forgiveness. God is just waiting for you to turn back to Him. God is waiting for you to run back into His arms and accept His embrace. God is waiting for you to know that He loves you magnanimously.

When I was a little girl, if I was good my parents loved me. If I was bad they were hurtful to me. This in not our Heavenly Father. His love supersedes our faults and shortcomings. He doesn’t love us one day and the next turn His back. His love is relentless, powerful, raging, forceful and beautiful. His love is the river that flows from the throne room of heaven into my heart, my mind, my body and soul. His love cannot be stopped.

My blessing to you in the year of 2015 is simply this, that you will know deep in your heart the tremendous love God has for you. This year I bless you with little gifts that will come your way that only your Heavenly Father could have known. This year I bless you with beloved people who will surround you with kindness, patience and faithfulness. This year I bless you with the knowledge of how powerful God’s love is towards you.

I speak a blessing over you in the year 2015. If you face hardship – know that the Father still loves you deeply and will hold your hand through the difficulty. If you face loneliness – understand that your Heavenly Father has never left you or forsaken you. If you are despondent or depressed know that your Heavenly Father will give you the power, love and courage to overcome every adversity that comes your way.

Above all in 2015 I am praying that you will be convinced –  convinced that nothing can ever separate you from God’s love. If you have troubles, calamities, persecutions, dangers, hunger or are threatened with harm it is not because God has turned His back on you or hates you, it is just the difficulties of life. God’s love never changes. Know that overwhelming victory is yours because you have a Heavenly Father who sees all, knows all and will always love you deeply.

In 2015 I want you to remember one thing: Nothing can separate you from God’s LOVE. Say this out loud 10 times: 

Nothing can separate me from God’s LOVE.”

Say it out loud all day long. Remind yourself, remind the world, remind Satan that God’s love for you is never-failing, never-ending, never-conditional. Say it out loud all year long until it sinks into your very being and you have a deep sense of how precious you are to God. You are His beloved son or daughter. Nothing can change that. Accept His love. Relish in it. Let it fill you, encompass you, envelop you. You are His and He is yours. 


For scriptures on how much God loves you read Romans 8:31 -39





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