My Husband, My King, My Lord

I have been focused on Isaiah 54:5 which tells us 

“For thy Maker is thine Husband.”


As I meditate on this verse I ponder as to what this means, where do I fit in, how does this affect me? The church is called His bride. Together we are called His beloved whom His soul loves. He is the ever waiting bridegroom whom my soul loveth. One day we who truly serve and know Him will see Him face to face and we will have complete and perfect union for all eternity. 

This does not have a sexual connotation. God’s love is spiritual. It is the oneness of God and His creation, of God and His beloved, of the Lover and His soul mate. God’s love is unconditional, unfathomable, perfect and limitless. This type of love is difficult to understand. As I pondered all this in prayer one night I had a dream. This is how I remember it:

I am in a beautiful mansion and I am betrothed to an extremely wealthy man, even though I know that I am still married to Michael and have my children. In the mansion there are maids, butlers, chauffeurs and every manner of household help. My every need and desire is met. My betrothed is not at the mansion but I am told He is on His way. I am continually asked by the staff if there is something that I have need of. The food, the clothes, the cars…. my every need has been met. I have want for nothing. As I walk about the mansion I am filled with an overwhelming sense of love. Each room is beautifully decorated and maintained. How great of a love is this if the man who loves me is not here physically but He desires to give me every longing of my heart, how much more do I want to know about Him and who He is.

In the relationship with my betrothed there is no sexuality, only perfect, pure, unconditional love. I am engulfed in His love by what He has provided for me. All His love washes over me day and night and I can only think of His goodness.

Word is brought to me by one of the staff that I need not concern myself with anything except for one request my beloved has asked of me, I need to keep the white towels clean. I am shown where the washer is. There are several white towels. Each have a few signs of dirt on them. As I take the towels I ask for assistance in washing them since it has been a while since I have had to do any manual labor. The task is easy for it is the only thing my beloved asks of me. Upon awaking from the dream I am filled with overwhelming love. I ask the Lord for the interpretation.

“I am your husband. I provide for your every need. There is nothing that you desire that I am not aware of. There is nothing that you go through that I am not attentive to. The mansion is the Christian life. Though I am one with those who earnestly seek me, they are not yet joined with me physically. In eternity they will then see me face to face and we will be as one. The towels are the sins and stains of life. This is your only responsibility – to stay pure and clean before me. The rest is my responsibility – it will be my Holy Spirit working through you. It is your place to be spiritually at rest and peace knowing that your Husband is aware of and meeting your every need. There is nothing I will not do for my beloved.”


3 thoughts on “My Husband, My King, My Lord

  1. To the writer of this great vision that the lord has shown you. I am in great aw at what the you have experienced with the lord. I got chills and bubbling in my spirit as I was reading this. Words can’t really express the magnitude of what you have been shown. And the interpretation of it all god bless you and thank you for sharing such a powerfull message god bless you sister in christ

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