Something in my Eye

1370000887ijdd3I was feeling an irritation in my eye. It kept annoying me. I looked in the mirror and I didn’t see anything. I went to the magnifying mirror. I saw nothing. I looked closer. Closer and closer I drew to the mirror…… almost invisible to the eye was the tiniest piece of lint. I stuck my finger in my eye and pulled it out. Ahhhh…. perfect relief.

King David said “Search me oh God and yada/know my heart……” That word yada in Hebrew is to know someone intimately, as a husband knows a wife. David was saying “I cannot see the lint in my life that is making me sin. I cannot see the hidden, dangerous desires that are deep within me. I don’t know how sinful I really am. I don’t even know all the sins I have committed – so yada me and allow me to know my worst faults so that I might repent.”

If you truly want to be right with God, if you truly desire to be intimate with your Lord and Savior you must allow Him to know you intimately, personally, fully. Each day you must cry out like David did and say “Search me oh God, show me the sin in my life.”

Have you felt dry spiritually? Have you felt forsaken? Have things not been going well? Could there be a sin that is hindering God from answering prayer in your life? Begin to allow God to daily remove the lint of sin. Let Him love you enough to remove the irritants that are separating you from Him. 

Dear Lord, yada me and reveal the sin – no matter how painful it might be. Help me to trust you enough to allow you to expose the darkness within me. Then heal me of my wounds and forgive my transgression.  In Jesus name.   amen

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