The Most Powerful thing to Know when You Feel God has Forgotten You


Do all your prayers seem to be hitting a wall?

Do you feel alone and forsaken?

Does it seem as though God is too busy for  you?

Does if feel like you are all alone in  your situation?

Do you wonder if God even cares anymore?

This is exactly how the disciples felt when they were in the middle of a storm on a dark, lonely night. In Matthew 13 Jesus insists that the disciples get into the fishing boat and cross to the other side of the lake.

They had just gotten done ministering to over 10,000 people. They were tired and just wanted a comfy place to lay their head. Instead, Jesus tells them to sail over to the other side of the lake. The actual words used in the New Living Translation say “He insisted” that they get back in the boat. This tells me they were too tired to start out and Jesus had to insist that they do this. He KNEW what they were about to get into. He KNEW how tired they were. He UNDERSTOOD that their very lives were going to hang in the balance. He KNEW they would doubt God’s sovereignty.

The disciples got into the boat. Verse 24 says “They were in TROUBLE far away from land.

Do you feel in trouble? Do you feel like you are in the middle of the ocean and God has just let you drift? Do you feel like help will never come? Do you feel like you will never get your answer to prayer? Do you feel hopeless? Well that’s what the disciples felt like – yet Jesus KNEW what was going on.

The rest of the verse says “A STRONG wind had risen and they were FIGHTING heavy waves.”


Where was Jesus you ask? Why did He not come down as soon as the storm began? If He loved His friends why would He let them suffer? Did He think it was funny to watch these fishermen cry out in terror? Was Jesus too busy? What was He so busy doing that He would allow them to go through such a terrible experience?

Jesus was up in the hills praying. Who was He praying for? His disciples. What was He praying? The same thing He is praying for you at this very moment:

  • That they would have courage. 
  • That they would continue to trust regardless of what the weather looked like.
  • That they would believe in God’s faithful love so much that they would not fear.
  • That when God appears to be delaying our answers it’s only because at that very moment He is working on the details of ironing it out.

Every muscle in their backs ached. Their heads throbbed. They felt exhausted. The waves seemed to overtake the boat. It felt like they were going to die. It appears that this went on for hours for the scriptures tell us that it wasn’t until 3 a.m. that they finally saw Jesus. You see they had put out in the boat before sunset. The battle seemed to last a very long time.

The disciples see Jesus walking on the water in the midst of the high waves, strong winds, turbulent waters and terrifying circumstances.  Jesus was right there in the middle of their storm. When Jesus climbed into their boat the scripture says “The wind stopped.”


God is coming into your storm. He is making His way to you. He is on His way. The answer is forthcoming. Right now you just can’t see Him because of the terrible distractions and winds. Hold on. He didn’t leave the disciples in the storm and He is not leaving you. I know you have been waiting. I know you are tired. I know it feels like you are sinking. But hold on. He is on His way with the answer and He is making His way to you. You are His beloved. You are His child. He will move heaven and earth on your behalf but He is setting the situations and circumstances in order.

The storm will either make or break your faith. Refuse to doubt. Refuse to fear. Just because you are in a difficult waiting period does not mean you are out of God’s will. Just because you are in a desert does not mean God has forsaken you or is punishing you. Just because you only see emptiness and silence all around you doesn’t mean your Heavenly Father does not know what you are going through. He cares. He sees. He knows. Soon Jesus will step into your boat and calm the storm. You will not capsize.

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