How I received Miraculous Healing for my Back

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I have had back pain for many years. Several years ago I injured my back weight lifting then I compounded it a few years later by snow tubing and flipping on my head.  Almost every day I would begin my day in a lot of back pain, tension and discomfort. Several times I prayed that the Lord would heal me, to no avail. About a month ago I was getting ready for my Emotional Support Group when I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to have everyone in the group lay hands on me.

“Oh no Lord, these are just baby Christians. Some have never stepped foot in a church before. Not only will they not understand what I am asking them to do but they won’t have the faith!”

Then clear as a bell He said “Do it.”


For the next two hours I dreaded going to group. I dreaded explaining what “laying on of hands means.” I was really not looking forward to this.

Finally the class began and I began to talk about the power of God. I explained that God is bigger than any situation, any pain, any dilemma we are going through. Then I said that the bible tells Christians that the Word of God says “And these signs shall follow them that believe. In my name….. they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.” Mark 16:17

I told the true story of Casey, a 24-year-old woman whose back was twisted. All her life she had carried a very heavy burden of abuse. When she allowed forgiveness to flow with the help of a counselor her back was miraculously straightened out. She was completely healed. I explained how burdens can cause much back pain. I told the class that tonight they would have the opportunity to lay hands on me for my healing.

The class ended in prayer. It was time for them to lay hands on me. I sat on a chair. Nervously the young Christians gathered round me. A few laid hands on my back. One person prayed a simple prayer of faith:

“Lord, Jackie has carried too many burdens. She no longer has to carry these. We are now asking in Jesus name that you touch her back and heal it.”

I began to feel electricity flowing from my neck to my back. Over and over I felt waves of electric current.

One other person prayed a simple prayer. I still felt back pain.


The next day the same old pain was still there. I said “Not my problem. I did what you told me to do. God this is not my problem. As far as I am concerned I am healed.” I said this each time I felt pain, which was pretty often. This went on day after day for about 11 days. Then about the 12th day something happened, I woke up and felt no pain. It didn’t come that afternoon, it didn’t come at night. The next day the same thing happened. Each day after that I felt no pain at all. 

One week went by without pain, then 2, then 3. It has now been over a month of no pain. I have been running, Nordic skiing and weight lifting. I may get a little stiff, but not in pain. One morning I realized “I am completely healed!”

Are you in back pain? Perhaps you have carried unforgiveness for many years. Perhaps you carry hurts, wounds, grief or distress. Ask God to show you. Then allow the healing process to begin by confessing your sin, your heartache, your pain. Then find a few Christian friends who will lay hands on you.

Healing is there for you as it was for me. Let forgiveness flow and let the healing begin.



2 thoughts on “How I received Miraculous Healing for my Back

  1. Amen Jackie never doubt the power of united prayer in one agreement. Great power and authority flows out of that oneness regardless if it is young Christians or older Christians. The key is oneness in heart and agreement. That is what the early church had and kept as the church grew and thrived in the Love of Jesus Jackie. God Bless Sister.

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