The Best Question to Ask God first thing in the Morning

The best thing to ask God first thing in the morning is “Is there sin in my life?”

If you want power, if you want peace, if you want answers to prayer, if you want favor with God you must daily be sure to ask God to reveal the sin in your life.


The scriptures tell us is Psalm 101:6 “He who walks in a BLAMELESS way will minister to me.”

In other words, only those who are not in sin can have a strong relationship with God. Those who daily seek God to ask Him to reveal their sin will be blameless. Our norm as believers should be to walk sin-free. This does not mean we won’t sin. This simply means that when we do sin we are quick to recognize it, confess it, turn from it and be forgiven.

There is great power in a sin-free life. There is great confidence in a sin-free life. There is great peace in a sin-free life.

How can you know if there is sin in your life? Make it a daily habit to get up a few minutes early. Sit somewhere quiet without anyone around or any disturbances. I like to sit facing the east so that I can see the sun come up each morning. You may light a candle. Don’t think of anything except God’s love. Be very still. If your mind begins to wander gently bring it back to focus on the Lord. Then simply ask God “Is there sin in my life?”

file9601306859266As you wait God may bring to mind the way you spoke to someone, how you mistreated your spouse, how you were a little harsh to a family member, how you were rude, a bad attitude you have had recently, mumbling, grumbling or complaining. The first thing that comes into your mind is usually the sin. Why don’t you practice right now and ask God the question “Lord, show me the sin in my life.”


As God shows you each sin individually tell the Lord how very sorry you are. Don’t make excuses. Just repent. Next, cover each sin under the blood of Jesus. Ask God to give you the strength to not return to that sin again.

This should only take about 5 or 10 minutes. The more that you do it the easier it becomes. You will find yourself more attune to God’s voice and repentance will come much easier. Don’t try to make excuses for your sin. Don’t try to justify yourself. Sin is sin and it will always hinder your walk with God.


In the future, if the devil brings up your sins you can remind him that your sin no longer exists, for God has forgiven you and it is covered under the blood of Christ. Then rebuke the devil and tell him he has no right to go Dumpster Diving in your past

Have you found that things haven’t been going right lately?

Have you felt that you are hitting a roadblock in life?

Do you feel like life is stagnant?

Do you feel like God isn’t answering your prayers?

Purpose to begin each day before God, waiting to hear His voice. There is nothing greater than having the quiet assurance that you are completely right with God. 


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