Your TOOTHPASTE is Killing You

If you are using regular toothpaste it most likely has fluoride in it. Here are ways that your fluoride is slowly destroying your body.










  • Fluoride damages the brain.
  • There is an association between fetal brain damage and fluoride.
  • Fluoride negatively affects melatonin production, therein causing you to sleep poorly.
  • Fluoride affects bone density in girls.
  • Fluoride causes bone cancer.
  • Fluoride causes reproductive problems.
  • Fluoride has been found to cause fatigue, headaches, rashes, stomach and gastro- intestinal tract problems.
  • People with kidney disease are prone to accumulating high levels of fluoride in their bone and blood causing serious health issues.
  • The chemicals used to fluoridate water are classified hazardous wastes contaminated with various impurities.
  • Fluoride increases lead uptake into children’s blood.
  • Many scientists oppose fluoridation.
  • Fluoride causes discoloration of the teeth called fluorosis.
  • Fluorosis increases with consumption of tea, coffee, reconstituted fruit juice, grapes or raisins that have had fluoride insecticide, dried eggs, soy beans, and carbonated drinks.
  • Fluoride causes premature aging of the human body.
  • Fluoride causes dementia.
  • Fluoride causes hyperactivity and/or lethargy.
  • Fluoride increases lead absorption.
  • Fluoride disrupts synthesis of collagen.
  • Fluoride causes muscle disorders.
  • Fluoride causes arthritis.
  • Fluoride lowers thyroid function.
  • Fluoride inhibits the formation of antibodies.
  • Fluoride causes genetic damage and cell death.
  • Fluoride disrupts the immune system.
  • Fluoride increases tumor and cancer rate.
  • Fluoride increases aging process.
  • Fluoride reduces melatonin production.
  • Fluoride leads to earlier onset of puberty.
  • Fluoride damages sperm and increases infertility.

What should you brush your teeth with? I use a mouth rinse that does not contain chemicals such as aspartame. Dip your toothbrush in the mouthwash. Apply just as you would with toothpaste.

Toms Toothpaste  provides a fluoride-free toothpaste along with their regular types. There are other brands as well. READ ALL LABELS!

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