What to do when You Lose the Desire to Live



I have been saved 36 years. I have had my share of heartaches, struggles, disappoints and sorrow. There have been many years when it felt like life wasn’t worth living. I have had many long seasons of suffering which felt would never end. Many times I wanted to die and be in the Lord’s presence.

I consider myself a strong, spirit-filled Believer. Yet when we have experienced enough heartache we often wonder what is the purpose of life? Just to suffer? Is this a game? Does God enjoy watching us suffer? Why don’t I get a break from heartache? Everyday is arduous and painful, why keep living?

I have had those thoughts many times. I understand better than to allow suicidal thoughts to permeate my mind, but losing the will to live is different. It is giving up. It is the depth of no longer caring about whether you live of die. It is losing the will to live.

What can you do when you come to this point in your life? Here are some life saving tools God has taught me that have helped restore my hope, strengthen my fortitude and get me back on track.

1) Make a strong pot of coffee. When we are this low our brains need a strong jolt of energy for jumpstart.  Have one or two cups. Savor the rich smell. Enjoy the taste. Feel the warmth.

2) Light a candle. Christ is the light of the world. As you focus on the light let it remind you of God’s rich love for you. Let the warmth envelop your heart.

3) Sit outside for 30 minutes. Find one thing to praise God for. Keep praising Him. 

4) Take long deep breaths. Breathe in peace breathe out darkness and despair.

5) Call a friend to come over and pray for you. Open up your heart. Trust.

6) Light an incense stick. Remind the Lord that your sacrificial praise is a sweet-smelling aroma to Him.

7) Put on the Armor of God        http://mountainstreamshealingcenter.com/2011/10/12/the-armor-of-god-will-change-your-life/ 

8) Speak to the River of Life that is within you      http://mountainstreamshealingcenter.com/2012/01/25/you-need-a-river-in-your-belly/

9) Say out loud “I am loved by my Heavenly Father.” Say this for at least 15 minutes straight. Continue to do this each time feelings of despair overcome you.

10) Repeat the above process each time you feel suicidal, hopeless or depressed.

11) Finally, make sure you know you are right with God http://mountainstreamshealingcenter.com/2011/09/07/how-to-get-to-heaven/

One thought on “What to do when You Lose the Desire to Live

  1. Finally! Something I can actually DO when I feel this way. These steps take me out of my head and help me to get out of it.
    Thank you so, very much.

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