Promises of Provision from God that You Can Stand On


Print this out and put your name or the name of the person you are praying for in the blank space. Speak these over yourself or over the person on a daily basis. Expect good things to happen.

 Promises of Provision from God that You Can Stand On

1)Because ____ seeks the LORD she/he shall not be in want of any good thing.  Ps. 34:10

2) My God will supply every need of _______ according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.   Phil. 4:19

3) The plans I have for ________ are for good not for evil to give her/him a future and a hope.   Jer. 29:11

4) God will generously provide all ______ has need of.   2 Cor. 9:8

5) ________ will always have everything she/he needs & plenty left over to share with others.   2Cor. 9:8
6) God has given ________ everything she/he needs for a Godly life.   2 Pt.1:3
7)All things are working together for good for ________ because she/he loves God & is walking in His will.   Rm.8:28
8) The Lord commands His steadfast love to surround _________.   Ps. 42:8
9) God opens His hand and satisfies the hunger of ___________.   Ps. 145:16
10) King David said I was young & now I’m old but I’ve never seen ________ forsaken. Ps. 37:25
11) Because ________ is generous she/he will prosper.   Prov. 11:25
12) Because ______ is generous she/he will be blessed.   Prov. 22:9
13) The Lord will not let ________ go hungry.   Prov. 10:3
14)________ is showered with blessings.   Prov. 10:6
15) The hopes of ________ will result in happiness.    Prov. 10:28
________ is rescued from trouble. Prov. 11:8
16) _______ ’s kindness will reward her/him. Prov. 10:17
17) God is able to bless ____ exceedingly, abundantly beyond what she/he could ask or think. Eph 3:20
18) Because _______ encourages others she/he herself/himself will be encouraged. Prov. 11:25
19) Because ______ searches for those things which are good she/he will will find favor. Prov. 11:27
20) ________ will flourish like leaves in spring because she/he is Godly.   Prov. 11:28
21) The seeds of all the good deeds that _____ does become a tree of life and blessings. Prov. 11:30
22) _______ will be rewarded here on earth because she/he is righteous.  Prov. 11:31
23) Because _______ is a hard worker she/he have plenty of food.   Prov. 12:11
24) Because ________ works hard she/he will prosper.   Prov. 13:4
25) The life of_________ is full of light and joy because she is Godly.   Prov. 13:9
26) The words of ________ will keep her/him safe because she/he is wise.   Prov. 14:3
27) The home of ________ will flourish because she/he is Godly.   Prov.14:11
28) How much more will your Heavenly Father give good gifts to _______ because she/he asked.   Mat. 7:11

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