Prayer Against Insomnia


Defile5411310355884ar Lord, I come to you very tired. I am worn and broken. I ask that you would touch my mind, spirit and body. If there is any imbalance in my body I pray that you would heal it. Show me if there is something I can change to bring about better sleep. Give me the wisdom I need to deal with this situation. Heavenly Father I now ask you to cause my mind and body to have deep sleep which is consistent.  Help my body to relax. Your Word says “You give sweet sleep to your beloved.” May each day bring about a little more healing and peace until I am fully able to sleep well and awaken rested.  In Jesus name I pray.  amen

I highly recommend the book No More Sleepless Nights by Peter Hauri.  It can be purchased at Amazon Books online for less than $2.00.


2 thoughts on “Prayer Against Insomnia

  1. So timely….. As you know Jackie I recently posted about my husband leaving. Each day is getting harder and harder no matter how much I am trying to trust God. I feel like the enemy is just winning this battle and I can’t do it anymore….

    • Jen, I am standing with you. Read the 27th chapter of Acts. Each time you see a nautical or weather related term circle it. Notice the severe adversity Paul had to face to make it to Rome. Look at the storms, hardships & trials – but they finally made it and so will you! As you read ask the Lord to open your eyes to understand what He is trying to speak to you. May Our Lord Jesus surround you with His love and grace today.

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