Lord Help me to be a Better piece of Clay


“Lord I know that your Word says that you are the potter and I am the clay. I know that you want me soft and pliable. You want me available to build up your kingdom however You want to and not how I want to. Some days you want to mold me into a teacup, other days it’s a water pitcher. Sometimes I’ve been a piece of clay sitting on the shelf to be ready and available for whatever the need of the moment is.

Today I am tired Lord. I am tired of serving, encouraging, praying, fasting, giving and relinquishing. I am very worn out. Today I don’t feel very pliable or lovely. I feel stiff and weary. I feel that if  you put me on the potter’s wheel one more time I will melt into nothingness.

I want to be your beautiful piece of clay. I want to build up your kingdom. I want you to be pleased with me. But today I need you to pick me up in your hands, hold me until your warmth melts every hard area. Hold me until I feel the sweat of your hands changing my countenance. Hold me until I am once again your precious piece of clay. Add the water of your love, the breath of your kindness and the touch of your joy. I am willing Lord. Just make me what I need to be.”


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