How to Pray for My Husbands Mistress


Dear Lord, I come to you totally broken and exhausted. I never thought my marriage would come to this. First I ask that you would begin to heal the pain, the sorrow, the fear and the anxiety in my heart. I ask that you would hold my hand during this ordeal and let me know that you still love me.

I now pray for my husband’s mistress. I first ask that you would show her the pain and destruction that she has brought into our lives. I pray that day and night she would be convicted of her sin and the terrible things that she has done. Bring her into sorrowful repentance. Day and night let her see the error of her ways. Lord, I pray for her soul. The Word of God tells us that all adulterers will enter hell eternally unless they repent. I ask that she would know the fear of God that she might repent, leave my husband and turn her heart towards you. I pray for the healing of her heart because I know that only a deeply wounded person would stoop to adultery. Let _______ know that one day she will stand before God and give account to you of all her actions. Give her the courage to turn from my husband and turn her heart towards you.   In Jesus name I pray.   amen

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5 thoughts on “How to Pray for My Husbands Mistress

  1. My husband seems to be restless every time i pray he would text me can we get back,and every story is told to me how much it is a mistake iam.the one he wants to spend the rest of life and she doesn’t mean anything to him.women iam living proof walk from these adulterous men they are confused after 50,prayer work.i cant forgive right now.

    • C W,… Jesus died for all sins….. Its not our husbands but Satan working through them. Keep the faith and ask God to help you. I m going through it myself with my husband… He has been gone 6yrs now. But I realize late that Satan loves to destroy the family especially marriages. Now I know I m praying everyday for my husband and his salvation. Please forgive…. Unforgiveness will effect your relationship with God as well. God has the power to fix our marriages…. Even dead ones…. Praise God😊

  2. I love this prayer .i went through alot of bad things my husband cheats on me with is married coworker.lie to the court and have me removed from the home because he wants to bring his mistress in .They realize it was render wrongfully,my daughter was put out on the street he took everythiing.we had how could this happen in a state wher we supposed to take care of women and children by the grace of God i am getting better pray for us.

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