I am a Mixing Bowl for the Lord

I often feel like I don’t do much to build up God’s kingdom. Why can’t I have a “normal” ministry where I get to preach at churches, or host retreats, or just do something that really counts for the Lord? So often I feel like what I do is insignificant. Do you ever feel like that? I think a lot of us do. We want to feel that 1364864781jv0wtwhat we do counts and is pleasing to God.

Lately I have been reading in Jeremiah 18 about the Potters House. It talks about the prophet Jeremiah being told by the Lord to go to the potters house. Jeremiah goes and begins to observe the potter at work. The potter takes a lump of clay and begins to fashion a particular piece of pottery. But as he was working the piece wasn’t quite how he wanted it to be so he remade it into a completely different piece – a piece that was useful- a piece that was pleasing to him. God is the potter and you and I are the piece of clay.

As I began to read this account I asked the Lord “What type of pottery am I?”

“You are a mixing bowl. One day I might use you to whip up eggs, another day I might make a cake, at times I will leave  you in the cabinet, other times I might use you as a fish bowl. All you need to do is trust me. I will use you as I will. Just rest in the fact that you are a mixing bowl and stop trying to be a piece of china. That’s not you.”

“OK Lord, a mixing bowl sounds good.”

That Word from the Lord set me free. I now know how God wants to use me. I don’t really fit one particular category such as “conference speaker” or “counselor” I am whatever He needs me to be at that moment. Knowing what type of pottery we are is very empowering. Once we understand this we no longer will fret or fuss over what God has given us but can rest in knowing what He has designed us for.

What type of pottery are you? Where does God want to use you? If you don’t know, spend some time reading Jeremiah 18:1-10. As you spend some quiet time with the Lord ask Him to show you what type of pottery you are. It is very empowering and it will set you free. Now please excuse me, I have some eggs to whip up.

2 thoughts on “I am a Mixing Bowl for the Lord

  1. I can relate to this, Jackie. I often think I’m not doing enough for the Lord especially when I think of missionaries, pastors and others who make so many sacrifices for God’s kingdom. I have to remember that I was not called to that. I only hope that I am available to God in every little opportunity that He brings my way to help someone or to make a difference in someone’s life in some little way. I feel like a mixing bowl too…a very small one!

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