When God Cries


God cries when a marriage is no longer just between a man and woman.

God cries when a tiny baby in utero has his or her little arms and legs torn from them during an abortion.

God cries when a man or woman that He created changes their sexual identity.

God cries when a precious woman he created sells her body for money.

God cries when a doctor who is supposed to help preserve life chooses to end the life of a tiny baby because someone didn’t want it.

God cries when a husband lusts after other women and destroys their marriage.

God cries when a mother or father doesn’t have time for their children – even when they are in their teens.

God cries when parents no longer teach their children to pray and read the bible.

God cries when His people spend more time watching movies than reading His Word.

God cries when a president says the country is no longer Christian.

God cries when pornography is considered fun and natural.

God cries when a young person decides to have sex before marriage.

God cries when government leaders care more for themselves than for righteousness.

God cries when the church cares more for the building than for people.

God cries when His people forget to pray.

God cries when His people no longer trust Him to work things out.

God cries when the church body is no longer holy.

God cries when there is disunity in the body of Christ.

God cries when His people forget to honor the Sabbath.

God cries each time a husband and wife divorce.

God cries when His people care more for the approval of man than the favor of God.

God cries when a nation removes the 10 commandments from schools and government buildings.

God cries much more than we realize.

2 thoughts on “When God Cries

  1. Jackie, any chance you would speak to me? I’m going through a divorce right now. I find your messages very encouraging. I am going through the hardest time in all my life. Please give me a few moments of your time.

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